Saturday, December 8, 2012

Trinity Endowment and thy Eternal Inheritance

True Freedom from the rounds of birth and death comes about by understanding our Divine Inheritance, the way to claim this gift of each son and daughter of the Universal Father Source. Trinity Endowment is the gift of the three Circuits of Attainment - the Father, the Son, and the Spirit - their divine highways which lead to them, and more immediately, lead one out from the unconscious fold of humanity. They carry one beyond the confines of having to go through the the cycle of birth and death over and over again. 

The Descent of the Cosmic Sacred Fire of Love is learning to MAGNIFY Truth in the Animating Power and Intelligence that moves you and gives us each life. thus, we MAGNETIZE to us the eternal purifying power of God. We are asking and learning to command through love the Life Flame within the heart area to expand Its Kingdom of Perfection; perfect vibratory radiation into and throughout our field of receptivity - our personal consciousness. Through the sacred beam of our attention we magnetize to us the Fire of Love from out of our own Life Flame given to us by the Great Central Sun Source and Center of all Life. We draw the fire of Love down into and through our physical conditions and our subtle bodies to create harmony, healing, and happiness in the immediate earth life and to set our self into a new trajectory...a new momentum which goes into Immortal Light, rather than recycling over and over again back into the birth and death schoolhouse wherein you are learning pleasure and pain. hence, you are learning to MANIFEST light and love and the immortality of your own lifestream carrying your existence into the higher worlds of pure positivity and overflowing expression, love and light.

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