Monday, December 17, 2012

The Immaculate Conception

When we refer to the Immaculate Conception, that is not about my birth back then. It is about becoming born again into the Pure and Pristine realization and consciousness of the Father; birthing into the Immaculate Perception and Immaculate Reception of Pure Consciousness. And for that to occur, ye must give thyself totally and completely to the Life Force or Spiritual Force of Life of the great "I AM"...the Atmic Principle...the Primordial Principle of Love and Mercy which pervades everywhere and everything, and indwells everyone until they birth it forth...bringing it forward into and through their own outer consciousness...outer that even the physical body vibrates to that purity. Thus, ye have true sovereignty by becoming unified or at one with the indwelling Father Spirit from Paradise...a kind of impersonal and infinitely intelligent Spark which is given to human beings so that they may expand this spark into a fuller flame before fusing together with it as One immortal being. You as a human personality soul are akin to being the bride and the bridegroom is this Paradise Spirit. You are destined and become One sovereign immortal being of Light and greater Life. It is for this reason that I have come once again to guide you in this process. Yet, you must allow me the honor of helping you. This Paradise Spirit craves to become One with the personality soul of the human being, and the human should or could crave to share and become perfectly one with this indwelling gift of the Father's Immaculate Presence. Thus, ye will dwell in an Immaculate Conception or Immaculate Perception of Reality...the real and ye will outgrow the unreal, the temporary, the naught, the transient, the senses and outer world of sensory appearances which have held thee for lifetimes.

All that I attained and modeled back then was not to clear away or die for your sins, but to show you the way to evolve unto the very next stage of actualization as creatures of time and space. And I have come once again into the octave of the human as I have promised, to remind you of your relationship with me and with the Eternal Father, the Everlasting Son, and the Infinite Spirit, and show you how to make use of their Trinity Endowment and the Law of existence in order to evolve unto freedom and a personal immortality; for this is a necessary stage of your existence that must eventually be attained by you. It is not an option, but you must bring balance to all your past momentums of energy use returning all back into purity and light everlasting. It is for this express purpose that I have returned to show you the way unto Light and a life more abundant, even as ye walk within the flesh of the earth world. 

When my mission herein is complete, I shall once again become transfigured unto the resurrection, and ascension into fuller Light; for this process is well underway for me at this time, and the planet Earth is also chosen to return itself and all life upon Her  unto pure Light and the greater Life. As I have shared with you...only the meek will inherit the earth. All else will be removed who cannot or will not redeem their existence back into Light. This, ye must accomplish for thyself by understanding the Purpose of human life and abiding in His Word...the Primordial Flame of Love and Mercy which must become expanded from thy heart outward to encompass all thy energy field. You must learn of the descent of the Cosmic Sacred Fire of Love to transfigure all darkness into light. Thus, ye will be weaving a garment...a seamless garment of everlasting Life out of the darkness and imperfection of thy human limited selfhood...personality and all will come with you in this journey and transformation that I speak to you of. Thereby, establishing Life Everlasting for thyself....a living body of pure Light energy to enter this local universe out from the fetus state and womb of the Mother Earth.

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