Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Imbecile and the Fool

The imbecile and the fool fail to understand their own being and the Law of their Life. They do not know where they came from before this life, what they are doing here in this lifetime, what the purpose of life really is, and they have no idea as to where they are headed after this lifetime. The imbecile and fool then proceed to make up their own ideas about these things and then live out their opinions and beliefs as if they were really true and accurate. They proceed along their self-chosen blindness and the pretensions of their little human selfhood thinking that they are the doer and that the world of appearance is something to live within, and to attempt to grab whatever they can from the outer appearance of tinsel never realizing that it is merely a mirage that they are trying to grab at in a quiet desperation that maybe they are missing out on accumulating things to help conjure up any kind of temporal identity, attempting to possess an understanding of themselves through their position in the world, success in terms of money and things, placement in society through the roles they seek to play out and the jobs and careers they use all their energies to attain, and its 'bastardized' version of what is real and true and everlasting, without ever having or even finding the inner impulse to possess themselves, to claim their true and everlasting identity and nature, to walk within the purity of their own God being which had been providing for them all the Energy and Intelligence, the Life Power and motivation, the ability to breathe and have existence, to walk and talk, to think and act, to feel and to seek what is real when they have exhausted themselves of seeking through the sensory outer appearances and the lowest nature of the human being. They are possessed by all sorts of outer worldly things, groups, ideas, cults, religious organizations, educamations, which merely reflect back to them what they already think they know to be true while rejecting anything other than what they themselves have determined to be truth and purpose and meaning. Caught and asleep within a cocoon of self-preservation and psychological survival.

When they get to the end of their self-proposed, self-guided journey through and in illusion and other transient temporal happenings and events, they realize the folly of their choices, their acts, and their decisions, because the outer worldly things and roles, positions of career and 'climbing the ladder of success' never, ever give them anything more than a headache and a sense of failure deep down inside; that somehow they have missed the point of living and life and yet they have used up their youth and energy on insignificant pursuits and it is too late to try again in this lifetime. They are the walking dead, just waiting to die and go somewhere else...anywhere else from here wherein they have not been able to gain any level of happiness and inner such connection to anything real and true and lasting.

The imbecile and fool claw their way through and around others to get ahead of the others. All man-made concoctions and false potions of erroneous thinking and feeling and attitudes in believing that whatever they think or feel must be true because they thought it or felt it. They are blind to truth, deaf to receive truth, and they cannot speak out of their mouths anything but the current culture and its falsehoods of all kinds, the ignorant and undisciplined ideas that they have taken on from other ignorant souls who have yet to truly understand the Life force of God and His Law of Existence. The imbeciles and fools are blind to themselves never really penetrating their own depths of intelligence and consciousness and so, they see their own darkness and polarized extremes outside of themselves in others only, refusing to lay claim to their own error and creative momentum which has created each and every circumstance for them in their life. They have lived thousands of lifetimes all conducting themselves in much the exact same way, attempting worldly success of only money seeking and object collecting...essentially the dust of the earth, the crumbs of existence which putrefy right in their hands as they clutch at holding onto what they consider to be the gems of existence and life that they have been 'lucky' to obtain. They are ignorant in understanding that the circumstances and people they have attracted into their environment are of their own producing and are an exact, a precise mirror, of their own inner faults, misqualified energies, and misunderstandings and self judgments and misguided foolish perceptions created by they themselves through the misuse of the Law of Existence...the Law of their own Life Force Intelligence. They end up sadly projecting their darkness, ignorance, and foolishness outwards onto others and the civilization without ever having it occur to them that it is their own creation which they themselves have set into motion through the instruments of their thought, feelings, and spoken word and actions. They do not seem to understand that God has provided a direct and most powerful Mercy for each to correct their mistakes and come upwards closer to His Glory and the Majesty of His Love. At the end of their lifetime they sadly have missed the opportunities given to them by the Mercy of God to make these corrections and to actualize their inherent potential and divine nature as a son and daughter of the Almighty God.

They would claim that God doesn't exist because of the darkness and violence which humanity has set into motion 'out there'... human made effects in the misuse of the Life Force which God allows; for after all, there is no such thing as death, and so, how can the soul personality learn and grow and evolve unto something greater without making an endless amount of mistakes and misqualifying their own Pristine Life Force Energy in their journey within time and space. The imbecile and the fool believe that God is a grey haired man who exists on a cloud somewhere outside of the creation and above it having nothing to do with creation itself. The imbecile might even have the audacity and arrogance, the stupidity and dumbness to lay claim to all the good that has ever occurred for them while blaming all the bad on others or on God Himself, who is the Source and Center for all Goodness, all Truth, and all Beauty everywhere in creation.

We live, and we move, and we have our entire being in Him; for He is the Energy, Substance, Intelligence, Love, Mercy, and such that we are using in every moment of our existence. We are merely learning to become co-creators with His Energy Presence which is our own Energy Presence extended to us from directly above each person. The "I AM" Principle and Intelligence exists above each person and Its Great Stream of Eternal Life is given...extended downwards to each personality soul and is anchored within the heart and pervading the mind and feelings and body. All is made of this Great Electronic Light and Life, and the calling forth of Its Love brings about permanent renewal, restoration, and redemption. This Great Stream of Life is our Identity and Nature. It is what we are as an Individualization of the One Supreme God who is Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent, and yet, Individualized Himself. Learning to draw upon Him through thine own I AM Principle above you is the key once you are finished with your own mistaken and preconceived opinions about Truth and God...human made religious interpretations that are looking to human ignorant authorities and retarded religious leaders of the worldly type who go to school to get their degrees and think that they understand Life and God for all.

Learning from others is fine, yet ye must look to thine own Great I AM within and above you; wherein our primary duty is to our own Source and Center just above us; for It is thy Life and Existence and is the part of thyself that you will one day return unto in the transfiguration, resurrection, and ascension into Light...when you have brought balance and harmony to all thy past creative momentums and so-called karmas or tendencies.

The Master Soul claims all is within themselves, and works out their own darkness and ignorance through the understanding and right application of the Law of Existence, the divine techniques of the Descent of Sacred Fire Love from the higher octaves of the Ascended Ones of Pure Light, and the daily giving of themselves to the Divine Circuits of Trinity Endowment which have been given to humanity for their freedom and immortality. 

All is a gift and blessing in disguise, once we know how to unwrap our Presence. I have come forth for those ready to learn and grow, a sincere willingness to understand the Laws of their own Life, and who hold a God given desire to serve humanity and the greater universe. I offer My help to those students who are wise enough to perceive that I AM yet the greater consciousness of themselves who has come forth once again to help the aspirant in applying these Laws to their own Life Mastery of their "I AM" Principle.

To those souls who seek Truth, Love, and wish to gain the greater wisdom of their own existence, I pray godspeed unto thee and thy reunion with thy source of life above thee.

In the Majesty of His Love
I AM Michael of Nebadon

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