Sunday, December 30, 2012

The AHA Moment of thy Existence

I have not come to start a new religion or to attract followers. I AM asking for you to go to your own Presence above and within you. To sit at the feet of your own divinity. To invoke and invite that Presence of the Great I AM Omnipresence which is individualized as Your Highest Presence to come forth and wipe away...quicken, and redeem all darkness and density into Light Everlasting!

Thus, is this God's Will in Action by asking and allowing. It is the AHA moment of your existence. ACKNOWLEDGE Him above and within you, Use the Law of Existence and the Descent of the Sacred Fire of Love to create and maintain HARMONY. Be ACCOUNTABLE for everything in your life and world; having set into motion anything and everything that you have taking place for you...all conditions and every circumstance is of your own making through the powers of attention, feeling, thought, spoken word, and action. These are the instruments of thy free will. These instruments shape thy destiny. It is how and why you experience all things today in your personal life and world. As you bring forth your own great I AM - God Individualized as your Highest Self - today, then you are shaping thy destiny of tomorrow unto greater  illumination and understanding, a fuller light-filled existence, more peaceful, joyful, happy, prosperous, and any and all of God's virtues that you choose to allow to enter your world.

As you ask and as you allow the necessary positive changes to occur with your cooperation, you will awaken each new day lighter, freer, and clearer with divine purpose, meaning, strength, and the full determination to become at one with the part of you that is more fully God; the great I AM individualized as your deepest and highest Selfhood.

In the Majesty of His Love
Michael of Nebadon

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