Thursday, December 13, 2012

Now are Ye the Sons and Daughters of God

Ye are the sons and daughters of God and ye must make this a fact of your direct experience. Only each can do this for themselves. The Flame of Life Everlasting given to each lifestream by the Universal Father Himself...a living part of Himself....and residing at the heart a sun presence which is surrounded by the divine substance of eternal light. When it is allowed to expand through the beam of thy attention and free will choice, and when you invite the descent of the Cosmic Sacred Fire Love to come forth into your life and world to transfigure all things...all outer conditions...then the Greater Perfection of the body takes place in exactly the very same way it did for me back then in my ministry in the Middle East. This is the personal demonstration of thy mastery over energy, substance, and vibration by bringing all that you have ever set forth into vibration unto the Transfigurative Flame of Life. It is God's Mercy Flame which allows this to take place.

Through the Flame of Transfiguration, each must bring to birth the human 'fetus' form unto the true divine form of Living Light...the seamless garment of eternal life...their personal actualization unto immortality. And this is for all to attain with the heavenly help of the Immortal Host. This is and always was the message of my ministry over time to the race civilization, to model the very next stages of evolutionary growth and actualization so that all would go forward in their own personal journey unto Light Everlasting. It is thy destiny as evolutionary time-space creatures that you evolve thyselves with My help and guidance into the Sons and Daughters that ye are meant to become in fuller actualization. That is merely the very next stage in thy development as a race and civilization; for there are a virtual endless gradations of evolutionary growth that must be attained before ye are deemed  prepared and worthy to stand in the Omnipotent radiation, Presence, and Person of the Universal Father, the Person of the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Person of the Spirit.

The Trinity Endowment is the Illuminating Circuit that you must travel upon to take you into these very next stages of growth. Thus it is thy destiny to become an eternal being, immortal beyond the cycles of birth and death that you have been journeying through within the Earth Herself; for the Earth will be going up into fuller Light and thus, only the meek will inherit the Earth after this shift by Blessed Virgo, Mother Earth.

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