Sunday, December 16, 2012

Invoke, Invite, and Identify with the God Force...the "I AM"... which Indwells thy Heart and Mind

The "I AM" Principle is the fundamental basis of all things. The "I AM" is the Force of God spread out throughout creation and also existing at the very Godhead of all creation. The God Force is everywhere, yet, He respects your free will choice to invite Him into and through thy life and physical conditions. Ye must invite Him into your life by asking for the flame of Life at your own heart area to expand and take Its dominion over all Substance and Energy. In this way, ye shall change the vibration of your personal energy from limitation and darkness into a more unlimited freedom that if continued leads to personal immortality for you. This is what I have shared throughout my ministry over the centuries. Expand thy Flame of Life, cooperate with that Flame, offer up thy darkness to become redeemed by the force of Love, and saturate thy personal world with God's Immaculate Light and Life.

Ye must invite Him in through the power of thy attention - where you place your focused attention throughout the day is where ye will have the most growth of energy and the greatest qualification of that Energy, which is thy Life Itself. Placing thy thought and feelings upon the imperfect destructive conditions around through the media, for instance, you will bring forth the fruit of imperfection and a lowered vibratory force field for you that will end in disintegration rather than integration into Light and Love and greater Life everlasting. Only you have the choice as to what you value most and therein to place your attentive focus upon what you value most. Focusing thy thoughts and feelings and the beam of thy attention upon the Force of the Animating Power within is an investment of your energy and time unto Eternal Perfection and the Glory of God. Your vibration will naturally become quickened and raised into Light Everlasting over time and space. It is the single most powerful and valuable thing that you can give to God and to thyself. This is the living of His Will. When you become tired of focusing upon the outer sensory appearance world of change and imperfection because you realize that you can't receive much happiness from the outer world of never-ending change, then you'll begin the journey of inverting thy attention and focus...turning your thoughts and feeling to the Unchanging Life Force that gives you all Life and is thy Life in God Himself. This Indwelling Unchanging Flame of the God Force is Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent. He is imminently present closest to you anchored at your heart and is the animating power giving you breath and existence.

Invoke His Presence and acknowledge Him in all things that you do during the day. Invite and command Him to enter your world and change all things to His Love and Light. Identify with Him in thy thoughts and self-perceptions of who you are as a creature and human being. God is thy identity, thy true name, and thy nature. You are made of Him in every way. This is the Atmic Principle...the Primordial Principle of Life that is the fundamental basis of all reality everywhere at the very same time throughout creation. In this way, all are equal and all are made of Him; for we live and move, and have our being in Him. All is made of His Substance and Energy...expressing in you, through you, by you, for you, and as you.

Invocation: "Infinite Life Force everywhere present, I give all my human attention to you. I trust in you to lead me to the flowering of our divine plan. I recognize and honor you and I am willing to redeem all things back into pure Light."

Invitation: "Cosmic Flame of Love I AM, thou Omnipotent One God, expand thy Glory and Perfection in me, through me, for me, and by me. May thy Will be attained in my life."

Identification: Have the faith to know that you are a living part of the Omnipresence of God Himself. recognize and acknowledge Him, in you, as your bigger, greater Selfhood. Give all thoughts, feelings, spoken words, and actions alignment with this recognition, and soon ye shall become realized through this living power of thy human faculties to tun thy attention to the one Life force everywhere and right directly within your deepest Selfhood.

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