Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Invocation and Command of Light for the World

Invocation and Command of Light Eternal to Illuminate the Earth and the Race of Humanity: Great and All-Mighty I AM pouring out upon NYC, Washington DC, City of London, and Vatican City thy Omnipotent Sacred Fire Love; Mercy Flame of the Eternal Mother Son of Paradise...bring forth thy Glory and thy Sacred Fire Love upon those who are misaligned with thy Will...

Join me and focus the omnipotent beam of thy individualized attention upon flooding these cities above with the radiant glory of God. Know that together...each of us Supreme Individualizations of the One God...we will take back this planet and create a new trajectory into Light everlasting. Only Together when the collective humanity craves and asks for this change into Love, Light, and abundant Life for everyone, will worldwide change take place...

May all peace and the Glory of God Himself fill thy personal consciousness in all ways...unto the Universal Consciousness of us all.

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Michael of Nebadon
aka Esu Kumara Michael

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