Sunday, December 23, 2012

Invisioning Perfection for Thyself

Ye must invision thy own Perfection before it is able to occur for you in the flesh. Understanding the law of existence and how to fulfill this great Law of Life gives one the ability to invision perfection. Perceive the Light of the Universe dwelling right directly within thee as thy animating power and identity. Learn with me of the descent of the Cosmic Sacred Fire to draw down to you the energies of the Divine which transfigure and will quicken thy field of receptivity into light. This is the very next step for you as human beings evolving through the cycles of birth and rebirth, cause and effect, and creature immaturity and ignorance regarding universal spiritual matters of life beyond the womb of this Mother planet.

As I have shared with you over time, ye must place thy attention upon reality...truth...the unchanging aught of existence. Therein ye shall discover unchanging perfection which is as a link unto greater things...carrying thy life and existence beyond the confines of the fetus state of being. Thy attention combined with deep feeling...intense feeling, passionate feeling produces and generates vibration...feeling is the expression of the Life force of Existence moving through thy human being. Feeling and emotion move that energy of the divine force of Life in and through the creation. Certainly ye can understand that emotion and feeling is energy in motion...e-motion...and it is only through thy focused thought and understanding, thy attention and its creative attributes, and the gem of thy feelings and emotions once purified...that ye can raise thyself into light everlasting. I cannot do it for you, although I stand with you, feed you through the Father's elixir of Love, and guide your way through the Spirit of Truth...My own personal spiritual presence...which pervades thy being with the Father's Spark of reality within thee.

Thy free will is given to you to create whatsoever you desire. Create destructively and ye reap what you have sown...create constructively, and you will rise upwards on the wings of the angels through thy natural powers of adoration of the One God Principle, and determination to become perfected...even as the great "I AM" Principle is Perfected as pure Light and Love and Life Everlasting. Feeling makes it so through its combined placement into your attention and vision of what you decide you want. I recommend you place thy attention upon Reality and quicken thy existence into Light.

Feel deeply thy desire to become participating with the rest of the universe instead of being cribbed in by the state of being a fetus not yet birthed unto the greater Life and reality. Feel deeply thy love for the Source of life and existence. Feel deeply your desire to experience love and mercy and compassion and forgiveness for all that ye have ever generated error in thy past. Thought attention and vision is the blueprint and the direction of thy creative power, setting into motion energies and a greater destiny for thyself. Thy power of qualification is your ability and authority to condition thy life force energies unto certain qualities that you hold valuable and dear in thy heart. Thus have you become what you are today through this very powerful process of creation which you hold as a scepter of power within thy grasp; vision, attention, and qualification blended with greater care and the divine balance of Love, Wisdom, and Power of your Spirit. In this way ye shall quicken all things of thyself...all energies throughout all lifetimes unto the perfection of the seamless garment of eternal light...the very next stage of evolution and growth actualization for human beings who have found God through their own faith and trust, and the willingness to learn and go beyond their own accumulated momentums of preconceived opinions and ideas which have held them in certain limitation and lack.

Ask and ye shall receive. Knock and it shall be opened unto thee. Open thyself to learning the greater way that thousands going before you over the centuries have accomplished and taken their life and existence into the Pristine and Indestructive Purity of the Majesty of His Love and Light.

May you find Peace and Joy in the words that I have shared with you at this time. It remains for you each to apply these principles unto thy freedom and immortality.

In the Majesty of His Love
Michael of Nebadon

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