Monday, December 10, 2012

I AM Sovereign Michael of this Universe of Ours

I AM here in the flesh garment for a time to help guide those with the ears to hears and the mind receptive to perceive Me. At the end of this service round I will go into my own personal resurrection and ascension back into the fuller glory of the Father; at one with the Supreme God of the Universes, yet, for a time, I have come to teach you of the true way of attainment. By attainment, I refer to how you can evolve yourself beyond where you exist within the flesh going back and forth from birth to death and then returning once again into this limited life expression unto the greater life and the attainment of your own resurrection and ascension into fuller Light and Life. This was and still is my message to humanity. It was exactly what I had taught back over two millenia ago in the land you now know as Israel. When I said I and the Father are One I referred to becoming one with the flame of Life within my heart which connected me to all things. I came then, to model and guide the process of becoming greater and I have returned once again in this simple way to help show you the way through enhancing thy understanding of the eternal truths that I had shared then and wish for you now to begin to embrace and apply to your existence. It concerns the Law of Existence, and you are each a very significant individualization of Existence.

So again I say unto thee, come unto Me within thy heart and mind all those who are burdened by distress and confusion, and I will light thy lamp...thy understanding to help you embrace eternity in a much greater way by applying the Great Creative Law of Life beginning with your attention placed upon your very own Flame of Life right at your heart. This attention upon your Heart Flame allows the Life Force that is within the Flame to expand naturally throughout your field of energy raising you up unto greater levels of vibration, annihilating the darkness or densities that you have held within your field of receptivity...your personal consciousness. By your attention you worship, and by your worship, that is, wherever you place the beam of Intelligence which is your attention, you are commanding and allowing creation to take place for you. Creation occurs for you as you accept what you allow into your attention and make real by that focus. This coagulates the electronic force to come together and integrate Itself into your field of life, whether it be constructive or destructive is up to you in qualifying this God force Energy of the Eternal Father. Placing it upon the Perfection of that Flame of Life in your heart area brings forth more and more of His Perfection for you. It transfigures your own darkness into Light; by darkness I refer to those areas of your energy that are still vibrating much too low for you to feel joy and bliss, clarity and unity, and to become at one with the 'Christos' within... the Flame of Life at your heart. That Christos is all intelligence, love, and power given to you by the Universal First Cause. It connects you unto the Supreme Presence of thyself which sits above you and is a greater part of you.

So, for a time I will walk with you who are studying My words herein. Write to me and I will have sent to you a few offerings for you to study and explore. I extend unto you now the force of Love from My own Truth Spirit...Holy Comforter Presence. Ask Him to give to you His blessing and to help you in understanding the words I have shared with you. I love you each beyond words for you are the very Life Principle Itself in human expression, and it is a great time to begin to go further in your personal development and spiritual relationship to Me and to the Paradise Trinity through Trinity Endowment and the application of the Descent of the Cosmic Sacred Fire into your life and personal world. My small book that I've had prepared will help you to partake of the Existence that I AM; for ye can and will become all that I AM and ye can serve in greater and greater ways upon your practical application of these principles of the Great Creative Law of the "I AM" which has been applied by every single Immortal Being that has ever walked within the 'field' or 'octave' of the Earth. The "I AM" is the very Life Intelligence everywhere present that all are an integral part of.

I bid you all Peace and Utmost Joy at this time and always. Remember, that you are the very Force of Life Itself in expression...and you are learning to claim thy inheritance in and of that truth for thyself; for it is thine own destiny that you become Sovereign in your right domain upon obedience and understanding of the Divine Plan of the ages.

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