Thursday, December 13, 2012

Divine Purpose and Illumination

I share with you as thy elder brother having come from the Center and Source of all Lifestreams right before entering into this temporal garment of the earth. There is divine purpose to life which when understood by you will bring back all meaning and fulfillment. You will feel a fire of renewed determination to attain; as a fire of love and mercy will become ignited in you through your own Unfed Flame of the Universal Father which dwells right directly at your own heart. This very Power and Presence is the Animating Force of Life itself that gives all breath, the energy to think and feel, walk and talk, offering you the energy in feeling moved to adore and place love upon your own Life Principle; for I AM one with this Principle of Life Everlasting that as you give your attention to it, He will expand and grow within you into a fuller Flame that transfigures all darkness...

It is His intent and purpose of Will to have each individualization of Himself to grow into fuller actualization of their inherent potentials as a son and daughter; to illuminate the darkness and the density of human consciousness unto the everlasting light...the I AM of thyself.

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