Sunday, December 16, 2012

Divine Purpose and His Plan for each Son and Daughter

All religions are tributaries leading the aspirant of God unto greater Truth, fuller Beauty, and unending  Goodness only if the student sincerely seeks Truth in every way and on every level of their own being; not a truth merely outside of their own being, but the realization, recognition, and acknowledgement that they are in every way possible Sons and Daughters of the Eternal Almighty Source and Center. It is necessary though to make this divine potential and inherent nature and supreme identity a living reality in their life, not merely an idea that is held as a sacred belief, but to be in perpetual communion with the unchanging divine Force of the Eternal Father's Presence within themselves so that they discover the strength, determination, conviction, and confidence...the faith and trust in God which gives them the inspiration to become determined to make the effort to fulfill the Law of their Existence by redeeming their 'sin' or error and then standing taller in their own Self-actualized divinity within their personal consciousness as they unfold into a more universal consciousness which embraces everyone and everything as being equal and at one with themselves; allowing God to take up residence and hold His dominion in their physical body, mental, emotional, etheric, and soul bodies is the only way by which mankind can establish true and lasting Harmony, Happiness, and complete Healing.

I have come forth once again in synchronicity, union, and full cooperation with the Immortal Heavenly Host to give to human beings the way, the truth, and the life everlasting; for thy inheritance awaits your claim...and I hold this inheritance of yours in safe keeping until that day that you choose and willingly decide to live the Will of God and make Him a living reality in your life and existence. Only this shall lead thee unto the seamless garment of eternal Life everlasting...immortality.

Write to me and I will personally send you a copy of In the Spirit of Truth.

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