Monday, December 10, 2012

Divine Integration

Love is the Omnipotent Integrating Force of the Universes allowing for Integration within us, rather than disintegration, disease, and death. Through thy attention which is thy consciousness and which is the God Force Individualized and creating in action, we can expand the Kingdom by focusing upon the Animating Power and the Inner Flame of Life at the heart. This is one of the seven I's called Identification. Identify with Truth; for the Truth shall set you free. Identify with Truth as that Flame of Life Everlasting within thy heart which is an extension of the Stream of Life from your own Supreme I AM. This is the understanding and application of the Great Creative Word "I AM" in expression for thee. For each of us is the all-pervading Word of God Individualized into expression. You are currently working towards fulfilling and balancing the divine Plan for your life. I have returned into the earth octave to help guide you and show you the way to attain immortality and true freedom forever by partaking of the Elixir of Love Eternal.

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