Thursday, November 29, 2012

Trinity Endowment: Embracing Eternity Exercises

Preceding all conscious healing and realization it is absolutely essential to understand that everything is merely God in Action. The One God Force is the one and Only Force and Intelligence, Presence and Power that can act in your world and throughout the universes. It is the very same One Force acting everywhere at once.

Understand that prior to all healing you must be conscious and aware in thought, feeling, spoken word, and action that the Great I AM – the omnipresence of God individualized as you, yet absolutely One with the Whole Ocean of Being – is the only healing power and presence.

There is a plan for human life to become permanently free from all suffering and human limitation by consciously becoming Immortal. You can raise your life into fulfillment by understanding the hidden Plan and the Law of Life which when acted upon will propel you into having a direct and ongoing spiritual realization experience, validated by the authority of your personal relationship to the Source. Conscious physical immortality can be yours, so that, you gradually transform into a unified expression of the Source – the Father Mother God of us all. As you raise your life into alignment with this plan and higher will, you’ll discover the true meaning of life. There is a great purpose for you to fulfill, and the entire Universe waits upon your attainment.

The key to this attainment of Life Mastery is in allowing your faith to expand into your whole heart and mind. Saturate your whole being with love of Omnipresence. Give yourself unconditionally into this supreme service; for as you awaken into mastery of the Life Principle, the whole being of the Universe rejoices. Only through faith and trust can you forge a relationship with the Eternal God. As you open to hear more of the divine purpose, and choose to enter into the understanding of this approach to Life, you will become flooded with the desire for deep fulfillment and God perfection. This powerful intention and focused desire to take your life into the higher life is the fulfillment of the highest Will. You can experience throughout your day deep fulfillment and pure and simple happiness as you make the effort to realize and live the divine design. You’ll experience the joy of participating in relationship with the Source, a part of which lives within you.  Consecrating and directing your conscious mind and heart, and your human free will into living in harmony with the Eternal will give you access to the doorway into Light. It establishes you into the next evolutionary phase of human life, and it fulfills the requirements necessary to become a permanent and fully conscious Individualization of the eternal God within this local universe. This is a necessary step. It is a conscious initiation that must be attained, and there are certain steps along the way that will anchor you into the eternal initiation.

Courtesy of The Spiritual Promise of Life Everlasting: The Embracing Eternity Exercises. For a free copy, please email our office at Michael of Nebadon: Trinity Endowment Exercises

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