Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thou Art the Great I AM Individualized

Instruction: Today if you are struggling or in an kind of distress, attempt not to solve your problems through human ways. The solution is in the dissolution and that can only come about by calling upon the Sacred Fire Love and Mercy from the Higher Octaves wherein the Ascended Masters are. this Sacred Fire Love is God's Omnipotence in action through the Ascended Host, the Angels, Archangels, Elohim, and many other Cosmic Beings who live to serve and raise humanity out of their struggle and distress. Anything that we personally experience is an effect of an earlier cause set in motion by us at a previous point in time and space which you probably won't remember, yet know, that is the Law . . . that nothing can come to us unless we ourselves have set it into motion. So, if you desire healing and wholeness to return to you, then be fully accountable for all that comes to you and is in you, resist the temptation to blame outer world appearances or other people for your distress, and call upon the Omnipotent Power of Love and Mercy through the Ascended Host.

This is the Descent of the Cosmic Fire, the expansion of your own Unfed Flame of Life Force anchored within the chalice of your heart and beyond. The heart is your closest doorway wherein the all-pervading, omnipresent Life Force exists. Within this Force of Life is the Luminous Presence of the Sacred Fire Love and Intelligence....Infinite Intelligence which  must have your conscious cooperation and trust, your free will choice and your determination to have it come and enter into your personal world to raise your problems and struggle, your density and darkness into Its Light. whatsoever It touches in its expansion which you must call forth, it changes unto Itself. The darkness, ignorance, struggle and problems of humanity can only be resolved in this way . . . through the Omnipotent Power of God, the Life Force of Love and Mercy; and this Force exists right within you at the chalice of your Heart, it enfolds you personally, and is the Ocean of Intelligence and Power existing everywhere, as everything, and everyone.

Decree: "I AM Pure Violet Fire, Mercy Flame, Pure and Luminous Sacred Fire Immortal Purity."

In the Majesty of His Love
Michael of Nebadon

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