Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Mercy Flame

Wait no longer to attain greater peace and prosperity. I bring with Me the Waters of Life Everlasting ready to distribute this to you, when you open yourself to greater receptivity. The Immortal Ones...the Ascended Host...and the vast numbers of powerfully illuminated Cosmic Beings who embody the virtues of God Himself with such love and compassion await your reach unto themselves...the greater consciousness of thyself within the Oneness of the Supreme principle of Life.

I stand ready to direct you into the Mercy Flame of forgiveness and to give to you freely the divine Nectar...the elixir of Love...which offers to you the opportunity of dissolving your distress and confusion. It is not only to give your invocation and invitations or decrees each day, yet you must have the help of those higher up existing within the great octaves of Light. This is the way of all life reach for the higher help. To discard all pride and resistance to receive help and guidance from those who hold the greater understanding.

Invitation and Decree: "I AM Violet Fire Mercy Flame Sacred Fire Love and Forgiveness." Then, you must, by divine law, envision and visualize that Flame of forgiveness, violet, blue, and pink in color, saturating you and enveloping your physical body and subtle inner bodies of thought and feeling. Place your heart in the asking and with firm determination and asking, command thyself into this receptivity and freedom as you chant this decree during your day and especially in times of stress and challenge.

Call upon Me in the person of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter as Michael of this local universe, and I will come to assist you in your attainment of the greater Light. You may also call upon the great Creative Spirit of the Infinite Mother- the Holy Spirit - and Her legions of angels to assist your transfiguration.

I bid you all health and healing, all love and consciousness, all power and strength!

Esu Kumara Michael

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