Friday, November 30, 2012

Supreme Omnipresence Individualized

It is to be understood by you that we each have this ability to qualify and condition this Energy of God. He allows it and desires that in our free will choices we qualify His presence with constructive and light filled manifestations. Anything less than that essentially tortures the God Force; when destructive qualities are imposed upon His Presence and Energy.

We are taking this one Life Force and imposing our vibrational conditions upon His innocent Life Force which is given to us with immaculate and pristine glory. Our spiritual Promise to Life is to return all Force of Energy back to its pristine glory.

In your invocations and decrees for healing, you must claim all this with determined conscious effort and will knowing that in the conscious demand and decree is the Omnipresent and Omnipotent ‘I AM’ Presence speaking and acting; for ye are gods – God individualized as thy very Self. Therefore, you have all power and authority to ‘clothe’ or impose or condition whatever the demand is with its kind.

In that decree and invocation for Love and Freedom which you will begin to learn about in this booklet, you then must know and feel with deep conviction that the ‘I AM’ of you is an invincible magnet of attraction to bring forth the Divine Substance and the Fire of Love to do your bidding – which causes every activity of the Universe to rush to you to fulfill the demand of your decree and invocation.

It is all a matter of use, once you know of these unchanging Laws of Life through the Plan of Salvation and the Law of Redemption. Once you understand the spiritual Promise of your pledge to return all Energy used back to the Source in its pristine glory and that your free will is meant to bring forth constructive manifestations and qualities you will be well on your way to the Atonement of Life Everlasting.

Practice herein what is being laid out for you knowing that the I AM which you are has all Intelligence, Power, and Authority to consciously direct the universal Omnipresent energy through the outer activity of your mind and heart (feelings).

Awaken in this moment to your full Authority and Power as an Individualization of the Omnipresent God Force; your right, your power, your spiritual promise, your conscious ability to apply these cosmic understandings to your benefit.

The moment you recognize that the Energy, Power, and Intelligence which you are using throughout every moment of your day is the Omnipresent I AM Life Force, you have thus become master and will hold dominion in your life and over your world.

Sovereignty in our life occurs when we have mastered all the Intelligent Energy and Vibration that has ever been loaned to us in creating life's circumstances and environments over a multitude of lifetimes. The Path of Sovrnty takes the student into this mastery and shows each one how to understand their relationship to the Trinity Endowment, how to make the highest and best use of these divine circuits in their individual eternal embrace, and the specific approach into Light and Life that is offered as an inheritance to each child of God to become a true son or daughter of the Trinity Source and Center - the three Persons of the Holy Trinity.

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