Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Great Principle of Life

It is essential in life to understand the first principle of all life. There are trillions of beings throughout the universes but the divine principle in them is one and the same. Thus, recognize and then go further to realize, and then even further to draw downward into your life and physical world conditions this One "Fire" of Love, this all-pervading principle and Force which is the basis of everything, everywhere. The principle of divinity that is present in all, in every form  has been called by many different names, yet it is nameless and all is derived from this One Presence of Intelligence and this One Great Principle of Life which gives of himself endlessly and is unlimited in giving of His substance and energy to sustain creation. 

The Omnipresent Force is the support and the body of creation is that which is supported. Acknowledge and recognize this One Principle that is Life as existing everywhere, as everything,and everyone. Then, all else will be aligned with what you have worshiped and focused upon in Him.

The oversoul of thyself is this One Life Force Individualized as You. Give all love and attention to this principle of thyself, and Its omnipotent capability to be drawn down into and throughout your life and physical world in order to erase all mistakes, all struggle, and all strife, immediately replacing these with the great virtues or qualities of God.


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