Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Supreme Goal of Life on earth

I know myself to be a personalization of the Omnipresent Life Force that exists everywhere. Everything is made of the Substance of the One Life Force...the God Force...and I know you...each one of you as the very same thing...a personalization...individualization of the One Force of Life...the God Force of Creation.

The Source and Center is Infinite and Eternal, yet each one of us is a part of that One Life. Earth is a place wherein you may choose to become eternally fused...in eternal union with that Force of Life...it is where the pre-personal force of Life desires to become personalized through merging eternally with you.

That is the ultimate goal of all life. At the end of all your incarnations and your lifetimes, you will indeed discover that that is the end goal of your journey within the earth, and it is the beginning of your journey into this local universal system wherein you become more and more of the godhood...the life expression that is hidden within the Force of the One Life within you.

Esu Kumara Michael

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