Monday, October 15, 2012

Sovrnty teaches Individualized Supreme Sovereignty

The higher we vibrate the quicker we can respond to Truth; for this reason when Truth and Love and Light Knowledge is presented to those who are struggling with their self created density, they cannot respond very quickly; and so, it is a cycle that one cannot get out of unless they open somehow to receive of the greater information and understanding of the royal road home to freedom. There is only one way, only one road Home to freedom and immortality and all of those immortal beings have gone the exact same road home. I have shared with my students the exact way in which they may find their own freedom and evolve themselves from the cycles of birth and graduate from the rounds of the use of their individualization of the Father Principle of us all.

Sovrnty and My teachings that I share with you all freely are the exact methods and understandings given to me from above which I have brought with me into this octave of existence to offer to those who are receptive to freedom and mastery through the Sacred Fire...the Primordial Fire of Love and Mercy . . . the Royal Road of Sovereignty/Sovrnty.

Esu Kumara Michael

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