Friday, October 19, 2012

Power Decree and Invocation Instruction for the Day

Decree: "I AM thy Luminous Primordial Omnipotent Fire, the Majesty of Pure Love."

Invocation Instruction: In these Instructions on the Three M's, we learn to Magnify this divine transmuting fire of Love and Mercy when we use our thought and feeling attention placed upon the Life Force of our Oversoul as it enfolds us and is anchored in the heart area of your body. Using the attention builds a sacred bridge between yourself and your own Oversoul Presence. The love and attention you give to that higher part of thyself allows that Oversoul to send back to you Its radiation of Love and Mercy, Violet Transmuting Forgiveness and Its grace. Over time you will come to recognize that the Life force extended to you from above is You and wrapped around you is the four lower bodies of physical, mental, etheric, and emotional expression which must become redeemed and transmuted back into Pure Light at some certain point within your lifetimes of learning.

This is the most direct route towards Magnetizing to yourself the Luminous Primordial Omnipotent Fire, the Majesty of Love and Mercy which is stored in and as your Oversoul and can be extended to you in greater portions with your attention upon that higher presence of thyself. It holds for you your inheritance of immortality within Its Cosmic Presence and it extends to you the Love of the Source and Center to come into you, through you, and for you and as You. This will occur ever more powerfully for us when we consistently and sincerely commit to the living of the Will and Divine Intent of our own Oversoul Presence...the All-Pervading Great I AM Presence Individualized as you or I in the higher octaves of life.

In this way may you actualize your latent potentials and Manifest the fullness of the Life force that you are and have always been. It is the very same force of Life that is omnipresent and descends from the Creator Source of us all into your Oversoul and then gets extended to you or I as we walk through the octaves of the earth world.

Esu Kumara Michael

The Embracing Eternity Exercises of Sovrnty Temple and Retreat

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