Friday, October 12, 2012

One Great Infinite Eternal Consciousness I AM

Life everywhere is truly One great infinite eternal Consciousness. It is the Supreme Being...the First Creative Source and Center...God within time and space...within the creation. He unfolds Himself like a blanket of light upon all the creation. All is divine order and law in action and yet, He must act through the individualization of Himself which is you and I. You are the individualization of the Supreme finite God...the God of time and space creation. You are His expression, His focalization, His Individualization. It is through His Individualizations that He expands His Kingdom of glory and love. It is how the Supreme being actualizes His own Potential...through His Individualizations everywhere present throughout creation..on every planet and system and constellation and galaxy and universe. You and I are His Individualizations due to the fact that He is Omnipresent everywhere at once and the same time. There is nothing else to be but Him, and there is nowhere else to exist but in Him and as Him. We live and move and have our being within Him...this great infinite eternal Consciousness...God...this infinite Intelligence that knows all, sees all, understands everyone and everything. And while we will never actually be infinite like Him, we are still on that journey unto actualizing more and more of His Intelligence and Consciousness...and we have begun this journey from varying points of origin.

Be Him, raise your self-esteem and your viewpoint, your perceptions and self image of who and what you believe yourself to be, and take that leap of faith and Be Him in expression. I tell you sincerely there is nothing and no one else to be. The traditional churches and religions...all man-made opinions and ideas...must collapse soon in the misunderstandings they perpetuate. These man-made churches and temples and organizations with all sorts of people claiming all sorts of things must evolve and grow right through their own ignorance and unconsciousness of the fact that He is omnipresent and expressing as Himself through the imperfections of time and space creation, and He is attempting with our help and cooperation to expand His Kingdom and expand His Perfection and raise all the creation, every single being in creation, upward unto His perfection and purity...His Immaculate Conception.

...and it begins with each Individualization of Him being willing to do His Will and Intent, to align themselves with His glory and grace, to understand His Consciousness...that each is a living part of Him, and that there is only Law and Order operating throughout creation. So we must align with His Law and His Order and melt away the illusions of separation and obstruction.

Within the great and infinite eternal consciousness of the One Intelligence and Power...

Esu Kumara Michael

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