Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Being a Living Christ Living Buddha

What we focus upon with our attention we are worshiping, and whatsoever we choose with our free will attention to worship . . . we become in our vibration and frequency. Life here in the physical world is a paradox. We are the Force of Life and also, we hold  four lower bodies of expression from eons of lifetimes which have been greatly influenced by our power of qualification 
and the vibrations of the world.

We must spend the time mastering energy and vibration through mastering the Power of qualification - the power of our creative Identity to qualify the Immaculate conception of the Life force we are. In this teaching of the Immortal Ones you learn how to redeem the lower frequency . . . the 'lower' vibrations which are qualities and conditions by raising our personal energies back into pure pristine Light and Life.

The four lower bodies are made of the electronic Substance of Light except that they have been lowered in their vibration through the misuse of our creative power. All Substance, being divine in origin, is destined to become quickened by us into the Immaculate Conception of the Life Force of the Great I AM. at some certain point in our journey through the earth we must master our personal energy and vibration in order to reverse the errors of having lowered our energies into the lesser qualities. we are working to master all substance and energy and raise all into the divine virtues such as love, peace, harmony, happiness, truth, goodness, beauty, etc.

There is only one way to accomplish this and that is, through our thought, feeling, spoken word, and actions placed into service of focusing upon Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, and the Supreme Spirit of ourselves. In Truth, there is really no human as something separate from the Supreme consciousness. all is God the Supreme in expression and desiring to become more fully aligned in those four lower bodies - physical, mental, etheric, and emotional - and when this occurs for you, you will be graduating from the rounds of birth and death through taking the initiation of transfiguration, resurrection, and ascension.

Transfigure your density and darkness (ignorance) into the higher vibration of the Higher Self which you will one day resurrect into. The ascension is the actual return of yourself into the Oversoul, the I AM Presence, the Supreme God Individualized within this local universe. That ascension is a transmutation that allows one to go further, higher, closer unto the Paradise Father, Eternal Son, and Infinite Spirit in the distant future of the sojourn through time and space evolution. This unfoldment that I share with you is merely the 'very next' step or stage of growth for the human being to evolve and attain greater perfection and godhood.

This is and has always been the Divine Plan for Humanity to actualize the Individualization of the Supreme Being that we are. I have come from the Center and Source to share with you the way unto having Life more abundant. To attain the greater Life and establish thyself within the higher octaves of life beyond the pre-school of the earth evolution.

May you find a way to go past your own pre-conceived opinions of Truth, so that you may imbibe what I have shared with you; for all is One God, One Essence uniquely individualized as God the Supreme . . . the source and Center in time and space sharing the journey with His creation.

Esu Kumara Michael

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