Wednesday, October 17, 2012

In the Spirit of Truth

Invocation: "Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter Essence, thou all-pervading Spirit of Christ Michael, guide me unto thy Truth and Freedom. Infinite Mother Flame … thou Universe Mother Spirit … Holy Spirit of all Harmony, Healing, and Happiness. I invite your Holy Presence to flood my life and world. Heal and transmute all my shadows. Take thy dominion over all Substance and raise all unto thy vibratory glory, thy immaculate conception…thy pure and Holy Light...the Great I AM that I AM.

"I give unto thee all my attention, recognition, and acknowledgement . . . my Oversoul that I AM, right directly accessible in my heart area and through my Higher Mind; thou art the Source of my existence here and the creator of my life here in this octave of life. I ask for thy power and grace to come forth and take thy dominion, expand thy glory and power, quicken all unto thee in the honor and mercy of the resurrection of myself unto thee...the resurrection of the earth and all her Kingdoms of Life. Establish thy Harmony and Healing throughout the earth."

Decree: " I AM Oversoul. I AM thy Everlasting Focus...Pure Electronic Force of Love and Mercy . . . I AM thy Unconditional Ascended Perfection."

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