Monday, October 8, 2012

Expanding the God Flame I AM

Decree: "Christ Flame that I AM within my heart area, expand thy Glory and thy Kingdom; quicken all Substance unto Thee." 

"I AM Pure White Fire Radiating Body of Bliss . . . Luminous Primordial Sacred Fire Love and Violet Mercy Flame."

"I AM thy Overflowing Money Supply direct from the Universal Presence I AM."

"I AM thy Omnipotent Cosmic Christ Fire Power Essence,Great Central Sun Perfection of Joy and Happiness."

Remember to use the power of visualizing the colors enfolding you from these decrees. State with passion and firm determination, commanding the energies of the Universal Intelligence to rush to do your bidding; for you are the Supreme One Essence of time and space individualized in expression. I've found that there are some things that cannot be changed, that we must live out fully until a certain point of time, yet all destructive impulses and all discordant, negative energies can certainly be transmuted through these exercises and commands.

You can, with definite certainty, become Self realized and hold a very high consciousness, so long as you abide by the Law of Life and apply its precepts to your life and world immaculately not allowing yourself to get away with private negative thinking and feeling. Take the sword of truth and command thyself unto freedom and immortality and it shall be yours by divine law.

The more you can raise up your frequency into Light, the greater will be the response you receive from the great Intelligence that desires to give all truth, beauty, and goodness to each of Its Individualizations. The higher you can vibrate by keeping your attention away from the imperfect outer world of appearances, the more you will become a Sun Presence of cosmic proportions. You will be well on your way to completing the journey within the evolution of the earth schoolhouse.

With love and mercy for each of you who are sincerely reading and studying with me over this time.

Esu Kumara Michael

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