Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Violet Flame, Mercy Flame, Thy Majesty of Love

Invocation: Thou Supreme, Omnipresent Omnipotence, Primordial Fire of Love and Mercy, Immaculate Conception, Pure Consciousness . . . thou Infinite Intelligence directing all things unto harmony and happiness . . . come forth and take thy dominion over my life and world. Quicken all thy Substance unto thee, Oh Great and Mighty Infinite Self I AM, thy Supreme God of Time and Space, thou Oversoul of all the creation. I demand that ye take up thy residence in the fullest way illuminating all things.
(refer to Supreme Actualization link)

Instruction: Waste no time on the discordant conditions of the outer world. Use every moment, every ounce of your energy, to call forth the Cosmic Christ Presence of Love, Supreme Intelligence, and Omnipotent Fire Power of creation that illumines your field of consciousness and forces mankind to see the Light and receive the Love, and embrace the power and authority - their divine right and ability - that is their true Master Power Presence forever.

Call forth into and throughout your field of consciousness the Omnipotent Omnipresence of the Supreme Christ Power of the Violet Consuming Flame. This is an activity of the Infinite Mother Spirit which is directed unto the Earth through the Master Saint Germain who is the Avatar of this new age era. He and the Archangel Zadkiel and the Elohim Arcturus direct and focus this Cosmic Mercy Flame - the Violet Flame of Eternal Love, Infinite Mercy, and Unending Forgiveness to human beings who ask and make the sincere call in order to permanently wash away all human debris of density and discord, struggle and limitation, and who desire to serve humanity in this way; by expanding the Kingdom of Light within the Earth through the conscious call to the Immortal Ones who have sustained and guided the civilization from it's beginning.

Command and demand your attention into the octave of the Immortal Ones and ask for the illumination of your physical, mental, emotional, and etheric bodies -  all cause, effect, record, and memory of your energy field, allowing yourself to become raised up unto Immortality at the end of this lifetime for you individually while serving within the Earth at this time.

Only through our call can the Cosmic Flame of Love and Mercy be received and radiated into and through the Earth world to raise her into taking up her position of pristine Light . . . a star of Light and Love . . . within the system and galaxy.

Say your decrees with deep passionate feeling and determination, holding a firm demand and confident expectation that you possess the authority, the right, the power, and the ability to invoke and decree these commands unto the Universal Intelligence.

You and I . . .we are the Omnipresent Life Force Individualized, and so, in knowing and understanding this you must feel deeply that Life always answers the call of Life, yet we are required by Cosmic Law to give all recognition and acknowledgment to this Supreme Christic Presence that exists everywhere throughout Infinite Interstellar Space, and IS our true Life Force Presence and Identity as unique individualizations of this One Supreme Intelligence.

We are required to make a conscious call . . . to participate and activate our free will in service to the expansion of Light, beginning with expanding our own personal consciousness into Light - by invoking ad decreeing for all the atomic particles of electronic Light that are the fabric of our Life and consciousness to expand their glory and perfection. We invoke and decree this while calling for the Sacred Fire Love to come into us and transfigure the density between the electronic particles that has formed a dense obstruction to their revolutions around the core of each atomic particle. We transfigure the density between the sentient and intelligently feeling electronic particles . . . Electronic Beings who come out from the Center and Source, literally God particles of full sentient feeling intelligence who have a direct mandate given to them from the Eternal Everlasting Father Principle to bring forth the Perfection of the Creative Center and Source into and throughout Creation.

As you command through your conscious calls - invocations and decrees - to have these Electronic Beings spin more rapidly around the central core of each and every atomic particle - the nucleus core - your personal vibrational frequency becomes ignited unto pure pristine Light and Life.

Thus, you are weaving a garment of Eternal and Immortal LightBody directly out of the garment of human dense flesh - transfiguring your destructive rates of vibration into Love and Mercy, while fulfilling the Cosmic Law of bringing a balance to all your accumulated personal creation back into the qualification of pure Light. This is the royal road of Sovrnty, becoming Sovereign within thy godhood and the mastery of energy and vibration, whereby you have developed faith, trust, and the consciousness that ye are the Force of Life with all Power at your command to manifest Goodness, Truth, and Beauty as a positive focus of pure Electronic Force and Great Central Sun Perfection . . . thus you fulfill the command from the Universal Father to 'become perfect even as I AM.'

Decree: I AM Violet Consuming Fire, Mercy Flame, thy Majesty of Love.

I invite you to write to me directly when you need further clarification on this Creative Law of Life and its application to your individual circumstances.

Esu Kumara Michael

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