Saturday, September 15, 2012

Decree of Thy Primordial Fire of Mercy

Invocation and Decree: "I AM Crystal White Fire Body of Bliss Enfolding me in the flesh garment; quicken this garment with thy Sacred Fire Love, Oh Omnipresent Cosmic Christ Fire Power Intelligence . . . come forth into and through this physical life and world, raise all substance unto thy Glory and Perfection, ignite the Kingdoms of the Earth with the Primordial Fire of Mercy . . ."

Instruction: If we say that there is only One Power in the Universes . . . the One God Force or Life Force, then you and I and all others must be that One Life Force Presence. There is nothing else to be, in Truth.

So, that 'phantom ego human self' that masquerades as being real and attempts to be the doer having all kinds of opinions and reactions to life's circumstances and to other people's lives, competing with others to be superior, better than, more intelligent, more in control, etc., that phantom self is absolutely false and does not exist at all whatsoever and has never existed. It is this misunderstanding which has kept human beings hallucinating in a state of hypnosis and delusion. You must, if you desire freedom, adjust your Self Imagery and Identification. You must Identify with Truth - the Truth of the flame of Life of God right within and enfolding you, and omnipresent throughout the existence - because the Truth will set you free. Do you follow me? If you are to really understand this fact of our existence, then you will be stepping free in a huge way.

Let me give to you a great example. If say, one day in the next few days someone you know, perhaps a friend or parent or even someone you don't know, comes to you and starts to put you down and yell at you and run their pre-conceived opinions about what you are and who they think you are and what you're about, then in that moment you have a choice to realize that this is a test for you in your belief of that One Power and Force of God or Goodness, Truth, and Beauty. If you are having a huge defensive reaction to their 'attacking you' then you must look to see a few things: first, what is your reaction about, and who in you is reacting - is it the phantom self ego or the Christ in you that is reacting to what they said to you? Clearly, if you study this and look carefully you will recognize that it is the phantom self reacting and if you stop believing in two powers - a phantom self and a God Force - and decide to only believe in One Power and Presence, then your phantom can be dissolved and you will step free more fully into the Christ Self . . . the God Force . . . that is your true Self Identity and Nature. The phantom self will begin to evaporate just a little bit more if you approach it in this way.

So you handle your reaction out of your own phantom self which will get hurt and protective and attempt to hit back verbally or physically sometimes; you ask for the Sacred fire of Love to come and transfigure that phantom self in you...this accumulation of energies gathered over lifetimes which must become dismantled, and the Divine Sacred Fire force comes in and dissolves the phantom a little bit at a time. Resist the temptation to fight back with a self that doesn't exist regardless of the appearance that it does exist because it can be very very convincing, yet it is untruth and will lead you to depression and a life of inner failure. Give yourself to the Greater Self of the One God Force of Life and allow it to handle the outer conflict that you experienced. Give yourself to the knowledge that there is Only One Force and you are that Force, in part, and that this force desires to expand Its Truth, Goodness, and Beauty throughout all the creation. It desires to use Its Power of Omnipotent Love to wash away permanently all discord and everything that is erroneously working in opposition to Its expansion of Harmony, Healing, and Happiness throughout creation.

There is Only One Power and Presence, One Intelligence and Force of Life, and it is everywhere, as everything, and everyone, yet people on this planet are deeply drunk and confused into believing in two powers, two forces, two selves, and that must end in order for evolution and Harmony to establish itself here. Think deeply on what I have shared with you here and you will come to realize that you have choices to make in each moment which will either carry you ever upward unto the heights of divine realization and freedom or will cause you to stagnate and degenerate into disease and death by believing in a false power which is usually attempting to usurp the One Truth and Power and Light and Life of the God Force.

There is no human self that exists in Truth. Only the One God Force, Christ Force, Life Force exists, and the more we give ourselves to that factual realization, the greater will be our harmony and freedom. You and I are God expressing through a physical flesh body, mind, emotions, and etheric memory from all lifetimes. Your Identity is Life, not some phantom self. Everyone else is also this One Force of Life or God, and even though it often appears that this is not the case, it IS the Truth about us that must be woven back into our existence and Life here within the Earth schoolroom.

Believe in the everywhere presence of God, in Truth, in the One Life Force. He is the One Intelligence, Energy, Power, Presence, and Substance Omnipotently Omnipresent; for the Truth shall set us free as a civilization, a people, and individually!

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Esu Kumara Michael

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