Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Thy Call Home

We all know that the anti-christ is not some being out there...a person of sorts...no, not at all. The anti-christ is made up of fear and denial, ignorance and arrogance, and that 'anti' energy is within the human being who rebels against moving themselves into the greater life, the Flame of Love within them. So, if you see this energy within you of denial to take responsibility for your feelings, for your errors, for your misqualified energies of destructiveness and discord, and you resist opening yourself to the greater Life Presence within you, and you refuse to acknowledge the Omnipresent God who has given you and I Life, Existence, and Everlasting Sustenance, and if you live in fear of others, fear of revealing thyself to others due to mistrust and self-protectiveness, and if you find that you are arrogant thinking that you know everything already and are quick to react negatively against others and life's circumstances, and if you discover that you have pre-conceived opinions and attitudes that do not allow new information, new insights and understandings to reach you, then you are existing in a state of ignorance and arrogance, denial and fear . . . and so, the anti-christ is not far away from you, but you have accumulated that energy of againstness and judgmentalness within your field of consciousness, and you are existing in this state of know-it-all-ness and superiority and flipping back and forth between your self-image of low self esteem and on the other hand the falseness that you present to the world and to others in phony bits of high-self esteem or a better than attitudes...

Well then, you don't have to look very far for the anti-christ, the evil, the darkness of the world because it is existing right there within you...not You in Truth because You are the very Life Force Itself, yet you have managed to wrap around yourself all these rebellious anti-Life energies which only you have created and set into motion throughout your lifetimes and which will continue to act and corrupt you and others and torture the pure pristine Life Force of the Eternal Father until you change it through the Redemption process... yet your destructively-negatively qualified personality, your mental attitudes of hiding, denying, superiority and all that, your emotional negative reactiveness and resistance to being vulnerable and transparent under the right circumstances, your/my attitudes of againstness, judgmentalness, coldness, aloofness, fear of intimacy and warmth . . . these are some of the larger 'flags' which are telling you that you have managed to become acquainted with and overly 'friendly' with . . . the anti-christ . . . the anti-life . . . the energy which is pervasive on this planet amidst the population that is attempting to resist the flow of Life . . . your Life Principle and your Life and Love within the Flame of your heart . . . the Flame of the 'Christos' energy which is everywhere present and also enfolds each one of us and which desires to flood our personal worlds with Its glory and purity, so that it can establish Its Peace and Prosperity, Its Harmony and Happiness in and through us . . . and there is only one way to do a major RESET within us, and erase permanently these energies of sickness and self terror and self hatred within, and that is to call each day for the Sacred Fire Love which is the Omnipotence of the Universe which maintains Harmony throughout all the galaxies everywhere seeking to expand Its Truth, Goodness and Beauty. This is also called herein in my writings, the Cosmic Christ Fire Power Love of the Immortal Ones...the Ascended Ones, the Angelic Ones and Archangelic Beings, and all those illuminated Cosmic Beings who stand ready to help humanity based upon their sincere call to God Almighty for help...only then can Love...Primordial Love and Mercy of the Trinity Source come into and through you and make you well...heal you...and erase all self-inflicted torture and the sick torture of the purity of the Electronic Presence of Life...of God... that had been loaned to you to create your life circumstances and environment, and that you have held within that darkness by your misqualifications over dozens of lifetimes of error and assumptions and misunderstandings and the endless misfortunes of life within this octave...

I bid you . . . make thy call and relieve thyself and the majestic presence of Life that is thy Substance and force of existence...free all things and find thy way Home; for I AM the Life that you are and so as you detain thyself you detain Me and all others in My Name. . .

Esu Kumara Michael

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