Monday, September 24, 2012

Spiritual Promise

The Way to achieve Life Everlasting is threefold, simple in its requirements, and yet very challenging to attain. First, acknowledge and recognize the Life Flame anchored within your heart and extending to you from the higher octaves above you. This is the real doer and Intelligence of thyself, it is the animating Presence and Power that is your Life principle; Second, be contrite and willing in heart and mind to invite this Flame of Life to expand and consume all unlike Itself within your consciousness; third, desire to receive of the help and radiation of the Immortal Ones.

The Immortals are those beings who once walked the Earth and fulfilled the Plan of Harmony, Healing, and Happiness for themselves, and so, they graduated from the rounds of birth and death and catapulted themselves into an existence within a higher life wherein they are able to express the fullness of who they are. They have learned of the holy grail and took the time to apply this great Law of Life which is scientific and mechanical, as well as non-dogmatically personally religious and spiritual in terms of the faith and trust and understanding that needs to be developed. Becoming immortal is the divine design and will of the Father for all his children, and there is a very specific approach to getting there.

There are literally millions of beings beyond the Earth that are focusing here right now at this time of the planet's sojourn because the Earth herself has decided to go into Light and everything within Her will become quickened in its atomic structure. The built up accumulation and momentum created by the collective humanity over time is now being transfigured into Light. This is the real and true meaning of the statement that I gave in my ministry in Galilee wherein I said that "the meek will inherit the Earth". Only those who are humble and are contrite within their heart and willing to take responsibility for what they've set into motion, will be allowed to remain on the Earth; for there are other planets prepared to 'house' individuals who are not yet ready to evolve and mature into accountability and humility, and so, those individuals will be transported gradually over time and within the natural evolutionary movements of this change that is underway. The wheat is being separated from the chaff means that what is true within you and within humanity will remain and the chaff or excess or falseness will be stripped away and washed clean in the coming Omnipotent Light of the Father of all Mercies. He is taking back this planet and returning it unto its pristine glory.

You and I...we are made of Light and that Light is composed of electrons or units of the God Force...intelligent, self-luminous, immortal, everlasting 'Flames of Paradise'. The speed by which the electrons revolve around the central core of each and every atomic particle in your mind is determined by the thoughts you entertain. When those thoughts are of perfection such as harmony, healing, happiness...eternal, immortal, everlasting ideas, and when those thoughts are focused upon an expansion of Goodness, Truth, and Beauty such as the goodness of your children, the beauty of other certain things in life, and the truth of the unchanging reality, then the vibratory action of the electrons in your mental body or your mind as we say, are going to be more rapid, and they deflect the mass thought forms of destruction which float in the atmosphere of the Earth.

Just as a rapidly moving propeller deflects dust which would otherwise rest upon it, when you allow your mind to connect with discord and disharmony, whether it be in the television, radio, passing conversation, newspapers, or on the internet, you immediately slow down the vibrations of your electrons. This slowing down allows discord to become attracted into your energy field...the field of receptivity as I like to call it. That field is your your garment that you are wearing and expressing through each and every day. As the electrons slow down they are more prone to attract the mass accumulations of negativity and discord and disharmony and so, you are receiving and building that negative accumulation within your own field of receptivity.

The mass accumulations of depression, fear, doubt, againstness, resentments, judgmentalness, and so on, will enter into your field of receptivity and stay there accumulating and building a momentum each time that you choose to express that negativity. The alternative is to at once call upon the omnipotence of the Cosmic Love Force which will come through your own soul and saturate your field wiping away the destructive accumulations that you have allowed to find a temporary home within your consciousness. That slowing down of your field of receptivity leads to disease, degeneration, and death...three elements that are not what God desires or intends for His children.

The same is true of your emotions...your feeling world which many of humanity actively resist dealing with because they just don't know what to do with the heavier, negative they avoid these energies or express these energies by hitting out against others with their feelings and thoughts...and that only stagnates their development and curtails their evolutionary progress into the greater life and light. Yet, it is so much easier to simply call upon the Fire of Cosmic Love and with your confidence or faith in it, it can come into your space and wash away the things that you inwardly wrestle with quietly living a life of desperation.

When you find yourself struggling with negativity that you have allowed to anchor within your field of receptivity consciousness, do this instead of expressing negativity...

Call upon the pure white fire of love to come forth and erase the negativity and give God His recognition and acknowledgment for the Life Force that He is.

Say, " Omnipotent pure white fire of love, come forth and erase this negativity. I realize that I have allowed this to find a home within my consciousness...that I set these things in motion and that it is not happening to me from outside of me by circumstances and other people, but that it has been in my field of receptivity and I desire intensely for it to be washed away...quickened into Light."

So you are doing three things:
first, you are noticing that you have negativity happening for you; second, you are owning it as a part of your own 'field' and you are choosing not to blame, shame, rationalize, judge it, justify and deny it, or express it onto another person; and third, you are calling upon the Fire of Love to wash it away. That's it! Try this and you will be fulfilling the divine Law of the universes and abiding in the very teachings that were given to humanity during the advent of Jesus during that ministry 2,000 years ago.

It is the great Law of Life and all who understand its application become free each and every day of their life...freer and freer while they work and live, have children, have careers, build their life within the society...all at the same time they are washing away the obstructions that have existed within them and raising themselves into a whole new reality.

If you desire a fuller explanation of this that I have chosen to share with you, then you can purchase my booklet on Scribd through this link.

With love in the fullness of the Everlasting Power of Life,

Michael of Nebadon

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