Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sovrnty Temple and Retreat Welcome Letter unto Thee

Dear Aspirant of the Eternal Light,

I welcome you. We are here to truly assist you. We serve in alignment with the Eternal Father Mother, the great Source of all Life and Light. The Ray of Light that we serve upon extends from this Universal Source, through the Mighty Host of Heaven, unto the terrestrial reality of human life. This avenue of approach unto Truth and Immortality will take you clearly beyond all limitations, and yet, it depends upon your will and determination to succeed.

There is a glorious new dispensation for the earth. This means that seeking to awaken unto the eternal Light within you requires you to sit at ‘the feet of your own divinity’. This approach of mastery requires accountability on your part. It is the only approach that is being supported from the higher octaves. Each must learn to walk on their own by receiving instruction and guidance and then applying this knowledge through their thought, feeling, spoken word, and actions; that is to say, recognizing Omnipresence within themselves and claiming it in every way for their life and world. In this way you are building a direct relationship to Omnipresence through the avenue of approach that gives you back to your own Source.

Through the motivation and determination of your own person will you attain the heights of eternal life everlasting. Cultivating and nurturing the realization of Indwelling Presence, you will awaken the Flame of your divinity, while allegiance to your Oversoul Presence will gradually raise you into the greater works and the higher Life. This is the beginning of a never-ending expansion and deepening of the infinite and eternal being that you are. Always will you discover that there is more to expand into and embrace of your divine nature. Our Eternal Source is exceedingly generous in the outpouring of Light and Love. There is no end to this gift, and yet, it is entirely dependent upon our receptivity. You must bring forth your own desire and heart-felt determination, make yourself ready, putting forth your own effort and energy that you earn the right to drink of the portions of Light that I and the Host can offer you in service to your attainment.

Conscious dominion and mastery over all imperfect conditions is the destiny you are born to attain and express in this lifetime. Fulfillment and happiness reside within His will, and for this reason you must seek to realize His will within your life. As you acknowledge the Source of Light from which you’ve come and as you recognize that you are this great Light, you will be able to experience your own glory in Him. Your true identity is His Omnipresence, and in the expansion of your own Light, you become a Candidate and an Initiate, preparing to attain the completion of your personal cycles of birth and death by embracing eternity in the Great Initiation of the ages.

I have come into this Octave to reveal the spiritual and personal nature of the Universal Source, and the avenue of approach to the Universal Father Mother. I bring with me a specific set of instructions that I offer in service to your awakening. I’ve been sent by the Eternal Father Center and Source and given the consciousness, energy, wisdom, and power, to assist you; that the expansion of your own eternal Light becomes a living reality in your life. Through intelligent prayer, sincere worship, and the art of unbroken communion in consciousness, you will build for yourself a sincere expression of spiritual attitude, and the knowing that you are a direct ray of your Oversoul Presence, Omnipresence Individualized in time and space creation.

You are His Omnipresence individualized, yet your conscious effort is required to bring forth this reality into your direct experience. Awaken your determination to claim your inheritance, and expand into thy glory as a Son and Daughter of the Source. As you learn to fulfill the Law of your being, you will be raising yourself into the eternal Light of your own Highest Presence. 

As your Identity is Omnipresence, your Intelligence can aspire to the heights of greater Omniscience. You hold within you the seeds of His creative power; you are a portion of His Omnipotence. By understanding your relationship to the Source, you will be given the power and wisdom to illuminate your consciousness. All love, wisdom, and power reside deep within you, and this Flame of your divinity is meant to be brought forth into your outer activity and use. It is in this way that you will demonstrate your readiness to attain Initiation. This is the greater works, and it is your inheritance to claim and embody.

You are intended to become the authority for your own life through the gift of your free will. By living your right identity, understanding and becoming accountable for your godhood, and working each day to express more fully the great Light that you are, you bring that potential into its fuller expression.

The Private Dialogues are the very first step in our association. It is a way for us to initially meet, and for you to receive my energies and guidance into your consciousness. The Dialogues offer a powerful transmission, radiation, and outpouring of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter. That is your guide and wayshower should you choose to participate further with me. The Holy Comforter is the personal spiritual presence of Jesus who is known throughout the universes as Christ Michael of the Order of Michael; Paradise Creator Sons who wield the creative power and focalization to bring forth the universes and all intelligent personalities within that local universe. So, there is this outpouring transmission as well as the use and practical application of invocations and decrees; part of the exercises in embracing eternity which I teach. I AM able to draw down to you and make available to you a greater concentration of the One Universal Light than you can presently bring down unto yourself in this process. I stir you and show you the obstructions preventing the full manifestation of your own Christic Consciousness as I offer to you a portion of this greater Light infusion to deepen your relationship, realization, and expansion. Come and experience; for my yoke is easy and my way is generous unto thee.

At the Private Dialogues there is opportunity to ask questions and share your personal concerns and challenges. It is the beginning of a new association; an opportunity to remember the deepest and highest Self within you.

There is a booklet called The Spiritual Promise of Eternal Life Everlasting: Embracing Eternity Exercises which are given to those who come to participate with us and wish to go further. There are discourses through the Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara (ASSK); there are two books entitled Higher Perspective Higher Life and In the spirit of Truth: The Spiritual Promise of Eternal Life Everlasting; there are personal energetic counseling and healing services to help you in confronting your obstructions and opening to receive the greater Light; there are Kumara Yogic Retreats where you will learn of the Primordial Flame of your Divinity and the practical, inherent powers of illumination that reside within you; and there is the White Lily Initiation, Radiation, and Attainment Retreats for those who desire inordinately to become candidates for their own full Atonement during this lifetime. In the retreats you will learn of the principles of Spirit, the Laws of Life and their right application. These are some of the ways that I am able to assist you in enhancing more deeply the understanding necessary to bring forth that great Light within your being. As a servant of this Omnipresent Light that we share, I offer to you the opportunity to work together in the expansion of your Light into its full activity and use which leads unto the Seamless Garment of Life Everlasting.

It is for this purpose that I have come with the responsibilities of an Avatar alongside the omnipotent Host of Heaven. As you aspire to attain the heights of personal mastery by understanding the Plan of Salvation to inspire you to become one with the great Light that you are, you will be preparing yourself for the Great Initiation - establishing your life into the very next octave of pure Light as you learn to apply the Law of Redemption. You will be securing your inheritance within the octaves of immortality as you embrace eternity through the full and complete Atonement.
You are loved and you are needed in order for the universes to expand into greater Life and Light. In our association together, you will learn the art of transfiguration as you raise your personal frequency vibration closer each day unto the eternal Light of your own unique Christic Essence. And, as you go forth with the desire to achieve the attainment of fulfillment through the initiation of Atonement, I am able to guide you as an Initiate of the Source into your full resurrection and ascension. Attaining the great Initiation into immortality, you will become the Light of Omnipresence, a uniquely personalized individualization of God the Supreme fully awakened upon the shores of a new reality; birthed unto the seamless garment of eternal Light. Omnipresence Individualized!

May thy attainment unto Light be swift and bold with the winds of determination at your back as you allow the wayshower of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter as your guide and the Love of the Universal Mother Flame to quicken your refinement unto the fullness of Him."

I AM Esu Kumara Michael

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  1. I wish to share with you a few ideas that have been of great help to me in my awakening.

    The law of life is that thought and intense thought which is feeling is the only thing that can set into motion vibration, and vibration held becomes a frequency of destiny. We either are using thought and feeling to raise our frequency in our field of consciousness or we are caught within the 'naught' of temporal appearances and thus our frequency vibration is lowered over time.

    I use decrees such as "I AM Pure White Fire Christ Perfection" to quicken my field and keep it raised by invoking that quality of Fire...divine Fire into and through my consciousness and energy field.Sensory things and negativity lower the frequency and thus I am lowered in consciousness.

    Those of us that have been unable to awaken, if we look carefully, we will see that we are using thought and feeling and spoken word to focus on qualities and values that are in opposition to the Cosmic Christ which is what and who we all are.

    ...and over time of many incarnations having lived in a lowered frequency vibration we have built up an accumulation of density and and momentum that is working in opposition to our awakening into the Cosmic Christ or Cosmic Buddha.

    Its law and regardless of our intent and desire, if we are focusing into the world of appearance and in a state of reaction to outer world events and people, we are subtly misusing the law of our own being which commands us to perfect ourselves into our individualized godhood; thus, we will reap the results regardless of our intent and desire if we are misusing things....and no one can do it for us...only us.

    I have crawled through the most dense places within myself and have had to rid myself of pride and rebelliousness, anger and hurt, confusions and misunderstandings on every single level of the human experience until I found the way to fulfill the law of life and began applying it earnestly and sincerely to transfiguring every single misqualified portion of my energy field consciousness. True, I came in with realization and an understanding of the law of life, yet as a walk-in I inherited a young guy here at 24 years of age who had an enormous amount of problems and obstacles to transfigure. There are no miracles and there is no magical formula other than earnest and sincere effort, the right understanding of divine law, and the hunger and thirst to apply it each day to our individual circumstances in order to raise all things. NOW that is the true mission to take upon ourselves a small portion of our incarnated 'baggage' of misqualified energies which are part of the collective mankind energy field, and raise that portion into Light and Love vibrationally. Not just to behave 'lovingly and lightly', but to become literally a Sun presence of Cosmic Christ Fire Power Love and Light in frequency and become it and to hold it throughout the day and night and wherever we find ourselves in the society.

    That is the mission and that will help to assist the struggling humanity who are so densified in thought and feeling, and so numbed out to truth and love, and so mistrustful and defensive, and so arrogant and ignorant of the eternal verities of Spirit and the true way to evolve and grow - that it is virtually impossible to awaken under those circumstances which have developed over lifetimes due to the fall in administration on this planet which brought about the lack of proper education and character building due to the disruption of the divine plan.

    Raising the vibration I find that everything I desire is existing within the higher vibration. raise thyself through the fulfillment of the law of thy life and I'll meet you there within the octave of Christos Omnipresence and the Living Word.


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