Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sovrnty Temple and Retreat Weekly Congregation exists beyond the Limitations of Time and Space

"… a true congregation occurs when participants meet together within the Christ Mind … the Buddha Mind … the Higher Mind of Love and Mercy, Unity and Understanding."
                                                                                                ~ Esu Kumara Michael

Weekly Worldwide Holy Comforter Retreat and Fellowship
Join us from anywhere on the planet - Sunday Mornings at 11am PST and/or Wednesday Evenings at 7pm PST to focus inwards and upwards and receive of the outpouring of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter energies. Continue to gain valuable traction in your attainment of divine realization and immortality as you participate in our invocations, instruction, and decrees unto the One Universal Life, Light, and Love.

For those aspirants of Truth who desire to amplify their application and efforts with the Fire Power of Love and the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter guidance, and who are too distant to travel to Sovrnty Temple and Retreat in the Central Oregon area to physically participate with our Weekly Worldwide Holy Comforter Retreat and Fellowship.
you can receive of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter directly in your heart and mind . . .

We offer an at-home weekly evening and weekend morning fellowship service; this non-physical fellowship is your opportunity to receive of the amplified outpouring of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter Presence through the focus of Sovrnty Temple and Retreat. During the week you can always call upon the Holy Comforter in any given moment of your life, and build that direct relationship fellowship with Michael; for it is Michael who is the universe guide and personalization of Truth for every ascending child of the Source and Center.

Mission of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter:
The first mission of this spirit is, of course, to foster and personalize truth, for it is the comprehension of truth that constitutes the highest form of human liberty. Next, it is the purpose of this spirit to destroy the believer’s feeling of orphanhood. Jesus having been among men, all believers would experience a sense of loneliness had not the Spirit of Truth come to dwell in men’s hearts.

This bestowal of the Son’s spirit effectively prepared all normal men’s minds for the subsequent universal bestowal of the Father’s spirit upon all mankind. In a certain sense, this Spirit of Truth is the spirit of both the Universal Father and the Creator Son.

Do not make the mistake of expecting to become strongly intellectually conscious of the outpoured Spirit of Truth. The spirit never creates a consciousness of himself, only a consciousness of Michael, the Son. From the beginning Jesus taught that the spirit would not speak of himself. The proof, therefore, of your fellowship with the Spirit of Truth is not to be found in your consciousness of this spirit but rather in your experience of enhanced fellowship with Michael.

The spirit also came to help men recall and understand the words of the Master as well as to illuminate and reinterpret his life on earth.

Next, the Spirit of Truth came to help the believer to witness to the realities of Jesus’ teachings and his life as he lived it in the flesh, and as he now again lives it anew and afresh in the individual believer of each passing generation of the spirit-filled sons of God.

Thus it appears that the Spirit of Truth comes really to lead all believers into all truth, into the expanding knowledge of the experience of the living and growing spiritual consciousness of the reality of eternal and ascending sonship with God.

“Practically, the only thing which can correct conditions in the World today, is enough individuals charging these Mighty Decrees into the mental and feeling world of mankind. These decrees go forth like great Waves, sweeping everywhere and touching the feeling of people who do not even imagine such a thing as this Understanding exists in the World. As that great Wave goes forth, touching the mental and feeling world of mankind, all of a sudden someone calls their attention to this wondrous knowledge. Then they say: “There it is! That is what I have been looking for all my life!”

“That is what is taking place. The mental world of mankind is one! The feeling world is one!” ~The Beloved Ascended Master David LLoyd

Logistics and Instruction to participate with us:
We gather physically and in mind and spirit for half an hour every Wednesday Evening at 7:30pm PST and Sunday Mornings at 11:00am PST to receive of the Holy Comforter and also to invoke the Threefold Endowment of the Trinity Source within this local universe.The Power and Presence of your Individualized Enfolding Flame - the Spark of the Eternal Father Fragment; the Mercy of the Eternal Son who is All-pervading and through His spirit gravity draws all ascending children ever upwards unto the Center and Source. This two-fold Presence and Power of the Father and the Son descends to the mortal octaves through the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter Presence of Michael (Jesus Sananda Michael); and finally, the healing action and Mind Power of the Infinite Spirit which comes into our local universe as the Infinite Mother Spirit or Universe Spirit ~ also called the Holy Spirit.

Invocation: Use this to worship the Everlasting Father, Eternal Son, Infinite Spirit at least three times per day when you can be still and silent; then throughout the day you can use the decrees outlined further below when you are experiencing discord or disharmony in you that you desire to dissolve into Light.

“Primordial, Absolute Center and Source ~ Universal Father, Eternal Everlasting Mother Son, Infinite Mind Spirit

“I give you All Credit and Honor, All Praise and Glory, All Power and Intelligence ~ I AM so grateful for my life and existence in you and of you.

” I command myself unto thy Will ~ let it be accomplished in me, through me, by me, and for me.

“Indwelling Enfolding Paradise Essence I AM, I stand in full cooperation with you. Lead me where ye shall go. Open up thy avenues of approach unto thee. Come forth and saturate my human imperfection. Quicken my consciousness and energy unto Thy Perfect Essence. I take full accountability for all conditions existing in me that must be transfigured only by you.”

Decrees to be used throughout your day and when needing purification from disharmony arising in you. Remember, nothing can come to you unless it is an effect of the cause that you’ve set into motion within your own energy/consciousness.

1. First, the energy of the Father ~ we invoke and decree our own divinity Presence for Self realization and relationship ~ I AM Pure Christ Enfolding Omnipresence ~ to anchor and bring down through our physical body our own divine Presence, the Supreme Being of the Universes.

2. Second, the energy of the Son ~ We invoke and call upon the Pure Word of the Eternal Son through the Sovereign Son Michael: I AM Pure White Fire Christ Power and Perfection We also bring forth and ask for the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter 

3. Third, the energy of the Spirit through the Infinite Mother Spirit Holy Spirit ~ we invoke and call upon the Law of Forgiveness to transmute the human density imperfection and replace it with the Perfection of your own Light Love Presence ~ I AM Pure Violet Consuming Fire

Join us from the comfort of your own home anywhere throughout the world. This ministry through the Spirit of Truth is independent of time and space and does not require you to be in our location in the Pacific Northwest US. You may sit relaxed in the privacy of your own space and join us in focusing your attention and energies upon the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter, the Infinite Holy Spirit, and the Enfolding Essence of the Father which surrounds each one of us personally.

Just ask the Holy Comforter to show you all Truth on every level of your personal consciousness; to guide you unto deeper spiritual relations with the Father Fragment surrounding you and which is your true nature and identity in existence.

Then ask the Holy Spirit which is the Universe Spirit of the Infinite Daughter Spirit of our local universe to aid you in your healing and search for greater Harmony and Truth.
Call upon the Law of Forgiveness which is the Redemptive Energies allowing you to heal and dissolve all prior destructive momentums that exists within your consciousness. If you take full responsibility for these energies you are fulfilling the One Law of Cause and Effect and your healing will be exponential.

Here is the link to give you an expanded viewpoint of the work of Sovrnty and the mission of the Holy Comforter Spirit of Truth . . .

Esu Kumara Michael

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