Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Now are ye the Suns of God

Invocation: "Omnipresent Primordial Essence of the Universes, Everlasting Infinite Intelligence everywhere, as everything, and everyone, I give you all praise and honor, all confidence, trust, and faith, all power and all my attention. I pray to create that majestic bridge of Love and Mercy between us until we have become absolutely One in my consciousness and activity..."

Instruction: It is the Sacred Fire that is Omnipresent and distributed from the Great Central Sun - the Universal Father Eternal Mother Son Infinite Spirit HUB of creation at the Center and Source of all Life. That Stream of Life comes into you through your own Oversoul Presence and reaches you here in the physical world by anchoring at the heart area of your physical body. If you realize that each and every Lifestream is God individualized and unique, and each is a Sun/Son of God, then you will comprehend more fully that the Life Flame anchored at the heart area is from the Great Central Sun/Father Mother God Hub. As you focus your attention and devotion, trust and faith, dedication and desire upon that Life Flame right at the heart, it will expand each day washing away the densities of the human being part of you and taking its dominion over all Substance and vibration. As you give your love to that Great Central Sun Intelligence through your own Oversoul Presence, sometimes called the Electronic Presence due to It being your individual Source and Center whereupon the Pure Electronic Force Individualizes Itself as You, well then, that Unfed Flame of Life will radiate and expand until It enfolds the physical form, mental, emotional, and etheric bodies in Its Sun Presence of Light, Life, and Love Radiation. You will be raising upwards  . . . quickening . . . the electrons within the atomic structure everywhere within your field of receptivity . . . your personal consciousness becomes raised and at one with the Omnipresent Spirit Intelligence.

Thus, you are becoming through the Invocations and Decrees, calling unto thyself the Presence, Power, and Intelligence of that Life Flame within you and asking for the Immortal Ones . . . the Ascended Host and Cosmic Beings . . .to give their own radiation unto you in your quickening into becoming a fuller Sun of God here in the physical world - a replica of the Physical Sun and the Great Central Sun - a Sphere of Everlasting Light and Life which has expanded out from your Lifestream Flame anchored at the heart. And as that expands, that Sphere of Light Substance enfolds the physical form, growing brighter and more powerful by the day, giving you Mastery over all energy and vibration and carrying you ever upwards in your frequency vibration until you are at one with the Cosmic Christ which exists above you multi-dimensionally. That is the aspect of yourself that you will resurrect into upon that glorious day when you have Perfected all vibration and fulfilled the Universal Law of Love and Harmony, Healing and Happiness.

So, you begin by calling upon the Sacred Fire Love and commanding your Flame of Life to expand its dominion, expand its Kingdom of Love and Mercy right into and throughout your four lower bodies - physical, mental, emotional, and etheric - dissolving all erroneous cause and effect, record and memory from all lifetimes in the Sacred Fire Love of your own Life Flame and the greater radiation of the Immortal Host/Ascended Host.

This is and has always been the Divine Plan and the Law of Live which all have applied in the immortalization of themselves into Eternal Life. It is the high and mighty teachings which Jesus conveyed to his closest disciples and family, and it is the Royal Road of Sovrnty which I am teaching and sharing with you all these years.

Divine Instruction inspired today by The I AM Discourses of Saint Germain, Volume 17

Decree: "I AM thy Luminous Sacred Fire Love, expanding, expanding, expanding the Kingdom of God upon the Earth."

Have faith that your Identity is the Living Christ Living Buddha Individualized and working to become in your consciousness at one with this all-pervading Principle of Life . . . and it all begins by expanding the Flame of Life right directly at your own heart center, giving that Living Flame the right and power by your free will choice to establish all Harmony, Healing, and Happiness in you, through you, for you, by you, and AS you...it cannot do this without your cooperation and consent. That is the Divine Law which honors a person's free will choice to share the journey of their life and world with God Almighty directly within them!

Esu Kumara Michael

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