Thursday, September 20, 2012

Living Christ Living Buddha

Excerpt below is from Living Christ Living Buddha: Living Christ Living Buddha

Power Decree to be used as an inner chant during your day to keep your vibration raised and to serve in your community by radiating the Cosmic Love of the Omnipresent Supreme Christ:
"I AM thy luminous Sacred Fire Love and Mercy, Omnipresent Christ Supreme, Omnipotent Cosmic Christ Fire Power Presence AM I

"I AM thy pure luminous Sacred Fire Love and Mercy Flame, Omnipotent Cosmic Christ Fire Power Presence AM I

"I AM thy pure luminous White Fire, Body of Bliss, Great Central Sun Perfection . . ."

Chant this decree with deep feeling, great determination and desire to annihilate the darkness and density within your field of consciousness. Chant it with passion and concentrated focus upon drawing down your own Higher Christ Buddha Mind and your highest point of individuality within your own Electronic Oversoul Presence in the Higher Octaves of Life. Give all recognition and acknowledgment to the great Presence of the I AM above you. Seek to rely 100% upon these higher parts of thyself for thy supply of all goodness, truth, and beauty, all guidance, direction, and purpose for thy life here in this octave. The Christ Buddha Mind is where we will Resurrect into and the Oversoul Electronic Presence is who you will be upon the fulfillment of your personal Ascension.

Esu Kumara Michael 

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