Sunday, September 2, 2012

Invoking your Authority and Power as an Individualization of the One Life Force

The Energy which is breathed through your lungs this moment and which is beating your heart, was just a moment ago in the Great Central Sun . . . the Triune Source and Center from which all Energy comes into creation. This divinely pure Energy is outpoured by the One Causeless Cause . . . the Creative Father, Son, Spirit . . . this Energy gives each one of us life and creative power, and is a gift to us from the Source through our own Oversoul Presences . . . allowing each individualization of Itself to choose what it shall do with this Energy, how it shall use this Energy of Life to create their circumstances and environment. Everything that we experience we ourselves have set into motion at a certain point in time. Your present life experiences have all been set into momentum and have been accumulating within your field of receptivity . . . your field of personal consciousness . . . until in this lifetime the qualified and conditioned Life force Energy has appeared as your life circumstances and environment, your inner held opinions and beliefs, your feelings and emotions and reactions; for this One Life Force Energy is changed by us according to our desires and beliefs into the frequencies of certain qualities like love, compassion, resentment, againstness, mercy, patience, etc. We do this because we are each individualizations of the One God Force with the authority and power to create for ourselves inner qualities and outer qualities which appear in our personal reality. We do this through the Great Creative Law "I AM"; for we are each the "I AM that I AM" individualized as the "I AM", and filled to overflowing with some of the potency of creation. You may not be able to create a planet or solar system, but you can indeed create to begin with your personal consciousness and environment. One day in the far distant future you may be called upon to create a planet and to nurture the evolution of that planet, sustain it with your Love, and guide it ever upwards. for now thought, you are creating planets and galaxies within your own microcosm of personal consciousness, and you are each responsible for every electron, every atomic particle that you have set into motion with your great creative use of the One Law of Life.

All that has not been placed into creation through perfected alignment with Love must be re-woven by us out of our personal creation and then re-woven into alignment with Love. All destructive tendencies and impulses that you hold toward life's circumstances and all reactions that arise within you from interactions with other people must be re-aligned with the love of the universes. This is the great mission, if you will, of each personality soul . . . to come into embodiment and to take full accounting for the experiences you are having, not to blame or look outward for the answers to resolve certain 'problems' that have arisen, but to understand the laws of life and how you have set all things into motion in your personal world. Everyone that you have in your life and personal world holds similar qualities to the qualities which you are vibrating to, so if you have problems with other people and have judgments about them, then look directly within yourself and embrace those qualities within you that you judge in others. Then apply this law of Life to transfigure and make the changes in you. You can use the decree below and apply it to those area that you judge out there in others.

Thought, feeling, and the spoken word are the three ways that we set vibration into motion, and this vibration coagulates into inner opinions, beliefs, and reactions to life and outer circumstances and environments. You magnetize to you, into your life and personal world, everything and everyone that holds a similar frequency or quality or vibration. This is the process that shapes destiny.

Whether you realize it or not, you are an individualization of the one omnipresent Life.  You retain Its power to create and set vibration into motion by the use of thought, feeling, and spoken word. When we say or feel or think "I AM", and then focus upon a certain quality as we express "I AM", we are announcing creation at our location within the universe. We are setting into motion vibratory waves that accumulate and go outward into the surrounding life, magnetizing all similar qualities and energies to it, and then eventually, and certainly, your soul energy finds its way back to you bringing with it all alike unto itself. It assumes that you want more of what you are focusing upon and so in it complete innocence it brings back to you exactly what you've been focusing upon. This is Law, scientific cosmic law that never fails. For example, if you focus and decree "I AM" . . . pure God Love . . . and you really focus upon this quality decreeing it and feeling it deeply and saying it each day . . . then you are setting into motion vibratory waves of creation that will be sent outward. This very quality, frequency, and vibration will, by Law, be bringing back to you all experiences and circumstances filled with the frequency vibration of "God Love". I would say that's a rather good thing to do! God Life Energy is a Fire, so you are playing with Fire . . . Cosmic Fire . . . and this Fire is composed of Intelligent Electrons of Flames of Living Intelligent Life Force which come out from the Center and Source and are given to us, ready to obey us because we are Individualizations of the One Source and Center. These Electronic Flames of Intelligence are units . . . Intelligent, sentient, feeling, units of the One Life Force . . . that are willing to obey your command because you are the One Life Force . . . and if you command or decree destructive qualities, even if you don't do it on purpose but are oblivious to your creative power, then you are torturing this One Life Force and each one of those Electronic Flames of Pure Intelligence become stricken with the qualities you have imposed upon it. And they remain tortured and trapped by you until you understand the law of life, the way of perfecting all your Energy Life Force, and you desire to fulfill and complete the Divine Plan of Perfection by learning and giving yourself to the plan of salvation, the law of redemption, and the fulfillment of the atonement.

When we fulfill the Law of Life which is to harmonize everything with Love, then we are setting ourselves on a course of going further and still further into Love . . . eternal Love everlasting which brings about our immortality. You will one day in the distant future stand within the very presence of that Source and Center of all Love that has been giving you life and existence for hundreds and hundreds of centuries over lifetimes of experiencing, and eons of you finding and discovering your creative power and authority as an Individualization of the One Life Force. You have within you now the knowledge that I share with you and that perhaps you have discovered in other places as well. You hold a great, great opportunity to advance yourself and to rightly shape your destiny. You will be raising yourself to that place within the universes wherein Love has originated and been created, and the very first stop is your Oversoul Presence.

In this way each one of us shapes our destiny; for there is no coincidence and accident. All is a manifestation of the Law of the "I AM" which is Us; for we are a unique individualization of the Center and Source . . . the Triune God and Creator of all. He has given to us Life . . . His Life . . . with all the responsibilities and prerogatives creatively. So, to understand this and to know and claim your authority and power - this will resolve all things within you and around you, this is the solution to every problem and every challenge you may find yourself experiencing. There is no security and no resolution for any of your 'problems or challenges' other than right within the Life Force that you are deep within you, and there is no religion or true understanding or spirituality apart from understanding this One Great Creative Law of Life, your divine Identity as an Individualization of the One Life, and the right use of this One Law in its application to your unique life circumstances.

This is the Law of the Great Creative Word, "I AM", and our ability to apply this one Law is the great learning that is upon humanity at this time. It is the initiation in the use of the Principle of Love and Harmony that humanity is seeking to fulfill.

DECREE: "I AM Pure White Fire Presence, Primordial Omnipresent Love in Action."

In this decree you are asking for the Great Love, the purifying refining Fire of Mercy and Love to come into you and change all that is not loving unto the brilliancy of Love and Mercy.

As you practice this and make it your own, feel deeply that you are drawing from your own Oversoul Presence, this Pure White Fire Love. This Love is the Primordial Energy and Intelligence of existence which has come outward from the very Center and Source of all Life and Existence.

Receive it directly from your own Oversoul Presence as it descends downward in octaves to and through your Higher Christ/Buddha Mind until it reaches you here in the physical world. Allow this Pure White Fire Love to infuse itself in and through your four lower bodies (physical, mental, etheric, and emotional bodies which surround you and interpenetrate you), illuminating your cells, the electrons, and your overall atomic structure, washing through your field of personal consciousness, and changing or transfiguring all the human destructive density into pure Love and Light. Just see and understand that you are accountable for it all, and then use your authority and power, knowing with confidence, strong demand, firm expectation, and sincere devotion that as you invoke and decree anything whatsoever that is constructively intending to erase your sins and errors, your mistakes and misqualified energies in this way, that you can change your destiny by transfiguring these unwanted negative or destructive qualities that have accumulated within you over lifetimes by applying the One Great Creative Law "I AM".

I AM inviting you to make this one lifetime . . . the Lifetime . . . that erases eons of unwanted qualities within you and sets you on a new course unto greater and greater Life in every way possible. Let Harmony, Healing, and Happiness take dominion of your life and world simply by your desire to have it so. Make it so and become the unique Individualization of godhood that resides deeper within you. Allow this Omnipotent force of Love and Mercy Fire to come forth and take up residence throughout your human personality soul and physical body. Allow it to change into Love and Mercy all that is unlike Itself. It is the One Omnipotent Force of creation that has created everything everywhere. Call it forth and ask with determined desire to have it so. Ask and allow for this One Omnipotent Love Force to illuminate all that you are unto the great Light of Existence... Receive it directly from your Higher Mind and Oversoul Presence and give it a chance to establish you in the higher perspective and the higher life, even as you walk within the earth as a simple and humble human being . .  in the world yet not of the world . . . ye are destined to awaken more fully unto the glory of your reason and purpose for being in existence.

I AM your very Self, a brother who comes out from Eternity, to hold you in the Eternal Embrace. Email me and I will send you my Embracing Eternity Exercises.

Esu Kumara Michael
of the Order of Michael

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