Thursday, September 13, 2012

Invoking and Commanding the Power of Cosmic Love

Invocation: Commanding to the Great Intelligence that we all are and the more expanded and awakened part of ourselves in and as the Ascended Host -

"Thou Universal I AM that I AM, I AM the Outer Illumination of thy Enfolding Cosmic Christ Fire Power Love which I AM. Thou Infinite Omnipresent Omnipotence, Pure Sacred Fire Love of the Living Christ that I AM, come forth and quicken all my personal human density and limitation unto thy Immaculate Conception. Raise us upward unto thee in the Transfiguration unto thy Immaculate Life. I AM asking for you to claim thy dominion over all things human and expand thy Kingdom of Light into and throughout the earth."

Instruction: We must recognize and acknowledge the All-pervading Life Energy which we may call the Cosmic Christ, the Supreme, God, the Living Christ, the Cosmic Buddha. Choose your most significant name that you feel a kinship with, yet understand and perceive that you are calling unto thyself for illumination, the quickening of your field of receptivity/ personal consciousness to become quickened into vibrational union with this All-Pervading Essence of the multiverse. This is not something merely religious or pertaining only to this path that I teach and share with you all. This is the Life Force Energy and Its Cosmic Law of Life that we must become acquainted with and use each day.

Identify as much as you can with this enfolding presence of thyself and you will expand to realize and awaken to understanding and experiencing that you and I and all others are, in fact, this All-Pervading cosmic Christ or Buddha that is the very Life force Energy of everything and everyone, and everywhere present throughout creation. And we can participate with this One force and become it in consciousness, illuminating and raising our outer self and four lower bodies - physical, mental, emotional, and etheric memory bodies - taking these unto the great Light and Love. This is the resurrection and ascension of all substance, returning all electrons to their primal glory in the Immaculate Conception of the Center and Source, Paradise, the Great Central Sun, the Hub of creation and all Life everywhere.

To raise and quicken your personal field which is the transfiguration of your human personality selfhood into godhood and immortality in this process I share with you all, you may apply the following statement making a command or decree to Life. and Life must obey because, in Truth, you are Life individualized . . . you and i are each unique Individualizations of the One God Force, the One Life Force everywhere present . . . and this One Force is a Sacred Fire of Love and Mercy that is Omnipotent so that, it comes into you when recognized and acknowledged by us, and it changes in the 'twinkling of an eye" all density and all lesser vibrational frequencies into Its own Frequency of Pure Light and Life and Love.

Decree:"I AM Pure White Fire Bliss, Sacred Fire Love, Primordial Omnipresent Love expressing."

Be Well, Be at Peace, Be one with the Love Force to wash away all limitations and expand unto the One Consciousness.

Esu Kumara Michael
of the Order of Kumara and the Order of Michael

I AM inviting each of you to email me if you'd like a personal copy of LIFE MASTERY: PRINCIPLES, POWERS, AND PRECIPITATION

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