Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Invocation & Decree, Instruction, and Identification

Invocation and Decree:
Christ Flame that I AM, Expand thy Glory and thy Kingdom;
I AM Pure White Fire Radiating Body of Bliss
Luminous Primordial Sacred Fire Love and Violet Mercy Flame
Overflowing Money Supply direct from the Universal
I AM Omnipotent Cosmic Christ Fire Power Essence
Great Central Sun Perfection of Joy and Happiness

Instruction: In understanding these Laws of Life and their Application . . . 
As you Invoke and Decree the above statements, breathe into your heart where the Flame of Life . . . the Primordial Omnipresent Fire of Love and Mercy, is anchored in you;

Identification: Become aware in your personal consciousness of thy connection and Identity within this Omnipresent Omnipotence of Love and Mercy, and say, "Expand thy Kingdom Christ Flame I AM"; be sure to place your attention upon the heart chakra area when decreeing these statements;

Give all deep feeling and passion into your mind and emotions and physical body to this Great Self which everything and everyone is made of;

As you recognize and acknowledge this all-pervading Selfhood, enter through the doorway of the Life Flame within your heart area and ask to dissolve all obstructions, all density which is lowered vibratory Substance which you had created and set into motion in prior times by focusing upon the imperfection of the outer world of appearances;

Ask and Command this Omnipresent Omnipotence . . . this Fire of Love and Mercy to take dominion over your human limitations and raise you into the all-pervading Light and Life.

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