Saturday, September 15, 2012

Invocation Commanding Transfiguration for thyself and the Kingdoms of the Earth

"Christos I AM  . . . the Life Force Principle I AM enfolding this flesh garment, expand thy radiance in and around and through my life and world here in the physical world. Illuminate this flesh body unto the glory of thy seamless garment of eternal light … bring forth Immortality by transfiguring all Substance divine unto thy pristine glory. Expand thy Kingdom into and through the Earth and all Her Kingdoms of Life." ~EKM 

Invoke the above as you breathe deeply and feel your very own Life Presence which is the very same Omnipresent Life individualized as your unique Stream of Life. Give all praise and honor, glory and control to this higher part of you; for we are each the outer part of this Inner Christos . . . the God Force which is Omnipotent and Omniscient.

With full determination, confidence, assurance - faith - that you have all authority, right, power, and ability to call this part of Life which you are forward into and through your physical life, personal world, and the greater world of humanity demanding transfiguration of all darkness and density, all limitation and obstruction to the expansion of the Kingdom of Love and Light and Life everywhere throughout the Earth. The more confidence in your feelings that you hold, the greater the manifestation of your invocation will occur for you.

Is this not a great great Ideal to live and work towards, to anchor and allow through our call to the Presence of Life, this Life Force to saturate and penetrate everything within the Earth including all Kingdoms - human, elemental, nature, and animal Kingdoms - to be the caretaker and the intermediary of our transfiguration unto the eternal everlasting Light for the Earth and all her life.

You are Life Itself and Life always answers the call of Life!

Esu Kumara Michael

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