Friday, September 21, 2012

I AM Pure Crystal White Fire Love, Luminous Mercy and Forgiveness

For each one of you who are reading these posts, it is NOW the time to step forward in your part of the world, and consciously take back this civilization and this planet from all destructive impulses, all selfishness, and all rebelliousness from the plan of freedom and illumination of the Eternal Father; let the distorted and disturbed energies existing within the body of humanity be annihilated by the Omnipotent Power of the Purity and Crystal White Fire Love from the Great Central Sun . . . the center and source of this local universal creation which receives all Life from the three Persons of the Paradise Trinity Source and Center and distributes this Life Force and Divine Radiation unto all smaller physical galactic and solar suns for the benefit of every lifestream.

For the next week each day, here is how to take action:

In your home physically stand up and give your invocation and decree herein below with full determination in thought, feeling, and confidence and faith. Allow yourself to realize your Authority as a Sun Presence of the very Source and Center of all Life; it is being revealed unto those of us who have come in His Name that the Cosmic Law has decreed that as of this day and this time, the Omnipresent God Force is no longer allowing the destructive seeds of misguided people and off-planetary beings who are ill-bent on destroying humanity to continue on and to express or fructify.

All major destructive impulses will be nullified before they are even given a chance to be outwardly expressed. This invocation given to you herein will begin to establish for you in your personal world and in the world that we all share, an all-powerful alignment with Light and Love, and an illumination of the residues of density and darkness that have kept human beings in ignorance and despair. Do not be tempted to focus for even one moment upon the appearance of destructive limitation. Focus only and fully with concentration and devotion to this one purpose and cause and upon giving your positive force, decree, and invocation which will facilitate the stepping down of the cosmic Light into the Planetary octaves.

You can give this invocation aloud or within the privacy of your mind, so long as you decree and command with the understanding that you are the body of Humanity and you are demanding this permanent change into Light and Love for the Body 'I AM'.

"I AM the Law of the Flame from the Great Central Sun that annihilates all human limitation and every destructive impulse.

"In and as the body of humanity which I AM, I outpour this Sacred Fire of Love unto the Body I AM . . . unto every single person in every country, and unto each and every person involved in government and industry, religion and politics . . . to be compelled to begin now to do the right and wisest thing in behalf of the people. (Envision this Flame as a Gigantic Wave of Light).

"I stand forth as the Body of the Christ I AM; for I AM the Life everywhere present, and I AM commanding the great and omnipotent Fire of Love and Mercy to saturate this planet and all her kingdoms . . . the human kingdom, the elemental kingdom, the animal kingdom, the nature kingdom, and the electron kingdom. I call for the redemption into Light of the humanity which I AM."

In the twinkling of an eye all destructive impulse and erroneous misguided intentions can and will be consumed in this Cosmic Fire Power of Love and Mercy; for it is now the Father's Will to establish order and harmony in this part of His creation, and we are His instruments . . . His Suns . . . which choose to anchor, generate, and radiate this decree and command of His which will lead all unto the Age of Light for humanity.

We are each individualizations of the One Supreme Spirit, and with focused attention and God intention to expand the borders of His Kingdom, we will participate in the illumination of the life within this planetary world at this time.


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