Saturday, September 29, 2012

Beloved, Hear My Call unto Thee at this time and always

THE EARTH and the heavens have a complement. Life hath a
blessing. The Father and the Son conspire to do good.
My beloved, hear me, for the gathering time hath a goodly
moment… .

2 Men have balked me many years; times without number
have I borne with them, times without number will I bear with
them again; they know me not as the cause of their good
fortunes; evil hath come on them and they bear toward me a

3 Know ye that good cometh always of me; I am good;
I am the spirit of good; I give good gifts to men: I give them
science, I give them intelligence, I give them art, I give them
manners; all things making for comity I give them.

4 Lo, that which cometh of me is constructive, I am
Construction made manifest, I give the world intelligence,
I give the world intelligence abundantly. I say unto men: Arise
and be gods, take your inheritance!

5 They say unto me: What inheritance have we? Are they
not children and souls of little manners? I say they are more:
they are makers of false utterance, they bear truth a malice.

6 Men grasp of my gifts and sit them down with mischiefs;
they take that which cometh of me and make of it a pestilence:
they greet that which cometh to them and say, It is of ourselves,
we make ourselves intelligent.

7 Verily they speak wrongly; intelligence cometh of me and
none else; intelligence declareth to those who are mortal, Thou
art goodly in sight of the Righteous making manifest; be better
that thou mayest come into the Kingdom.

8 Intelligence leadeth man from beasthood, it maketh him to
shine as a jewel in the crown of the Father, it taketh a child and
lifteth it to wisdom, yea it maketh the sodden to see their high

9 Think ye intelligence cometh of evil?

10 I tell you, evil is lack of intelligence; I say it is naught else.

11 I come unto men saying, Be ye intelligent for thereby
cometh goodness, give to me manners that your intelligence
ennobleth you.

12 Evil hath an emptiness, it cannot construct, it ignoreth the
ways that lead unto happiness, it seeketh out no goodly
situation but taketh the world and giveth it a weeping.

13 Evil hath no crown, it hath no distaff, it hath no divining rod
that pointeth out riches; evil hath only confusion and ignorance
and manifest impoverishment; it hath shortage of compassion
that ye do call intolerance.

14 Verily I say unto you, beloved, evil is man’s enemy above
all other enemies in that it seeketh to do him no improvement,
naught hath it to do for man but to pull him down to vomit; it
proclaimeth his smallness, it maketh a god of his ignorance and
humbleth him before it.

15 I say ignorance is evil and evil is ignorance.

16 There are no other gods of darkness before Ignorance.

17 That which cometh of me hath a radiance, behold it is
tolerant and beauteous and tranquil; all things making for good,
for happiness, for delight, for peace, for alms giving, for
benediction on others, these are the diadem stones in the
crown of mine eternity.

18 I say unto you, beloved, in that ye have taken knowledge 
unto yourselves ye have traveled in a progress; in that ye
have triumphed over ignorance so hath the Dark One fled
before your footsteps.

19 My servants have told me, The Beloved awaken, they seek
themselves in memory.

20 I say unto my servants, Tell the Beloved I come unto them
presently, I lift the veil from memory, things shall be radiant that
long have been mysteries, the Beloved have a knowledge
forbidden unto men.

21 I say unto those Beloved, Is the journey long and do ye fall
fainting? am I not awaiting you when the travel be finished?

22 Beloved, Beloved!

23 We have walked by many waters, we have looked on
many valleys; verily we dwell in mansions not made with hands,
we sing carols unto the righteous: Hosanna in the highest! the
Lord God reigneth! peace on earth! good will to sons of Light!

24 This speaking I bring you.

25 Ye are weary with the days well spent, ye have conquered
in your hearts, ye have heard the Voice say unto you, Arise!
lead the multitude! do the Father’s business!

26 Verily shall ye hear it till the morning cometh when a great
procession moveth into glory; now ye know not its meaning;
then shalt ye know it.

27 Verily ye think it meaneth a thing; tomorrow, I tell you,
it meaneth a river, sparkling with fragrance, made to move
mightily in that its waters lift it to surfeit.

28 A goodly company cometh unto you: shepherds of my
sheep respond to you: men cry unto mine omnipotence,
Master, send us more of these for verily, verily we know their
identities, they instruct us in mysteries, they open a coffer, in
that they are, we do sup with a providence!

29 I instruct you to tell them of more mysteries shortly:
I make you the speakings: a million ears hear them.

30 Have I not a great love for you, that ye do spread this
treasure, that one speaketh a speaking, that a million ears hear
it? How hear it they, beloved, except ye come unto them? Verily
ye come unto them and my wisdom is magnified.

31 Know ye not that this thing is extraordinary? never in
history hath it happened.

32 Man hath never received such instruction; ye do tell
millions eternal truths whilst I in flesh bespoke but thousands.

33 Lest ye think it strange, this I say unto you, All things have
come in that we have ministered, all ennoblements have
happened in that we have manifested; greater yet shall be our
ministries, brighter yet shall be our triumphs.

34 Know that all men gather together presently in bands of
eternal fellowship in that we do manifest, great nations seek
fellowship in that we are, kings and their chamberlains follow
paths of rectitude in that men have found leadership in those
who ever led.

35 I say unto you, beloved, be not modest to your hurt, doubt
not your commissions, obstruct not the Plan by saying, It is not
so that I have been honored for that which I have done in lives
that I have lived.

36 The Plan is eternal: it cometh to pass: the Father hath
decreed it: I say that ye are weary for the hour with well
doing yet have ye won victories, the garlands are yours yet ye
know not their fragrance.

37 I come unto you telling you that the Path is bright and
pleasant; those journey with us whose voices blend in harmony,
yea do they ring it and the valleys echo anthems.

38 Behold I call each one of you. I say, Arise and lead!

39 The call cometh on you, the valleys take note of it, those
on the uplands await your strong fellowship.

40 I tell you a new Godhead cometh to earth, ye are its
fellowship, ye scatter its utterings, ye sit and sup with it.

41 Is it not meet that ye shouldst know your honorings? …

Esu Kumara Michael

Excerpt is from The Golden Scripts. Email me and I’ll send you a free copy…

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