Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Embracing Eternity Exercises Booklet for healing and daily use

The Plan of Salvation, the Law of Redemption, the Spiritual Promise, and the Full and Complete Atonement into Life Everlasting

Authority, Right, Power, and Conscious Ability with Invocation, Decree, and your Command into Light Everlasting through the Power of Thought, Feeling, Spoken Word, and Action

I. Preceding all conscious healing and realization it is absolutely essential to understand that everything is merely God in Action. The One God Force is the one and Only Force and Intelligence, Presence and Power that can act in your world and throughout the universes. It is the very same One Force acting everywhere at once.

II. Understand that prior to all healing you must be conscious and aware in thought, feeling, spoken word, and action that the Great I AM – the omnipresence of God individualized as you, yet absolutely One with the Whole Ocean of Being – is the only healing power and presence.

III. Preceding all conscious healing of myself and others, on My part and within my own mind I AM always conscious that: “I AM the one and only power and healing Presence” and, as that omnipresent and unlimited omnipotent Presence and Power that I AM, I have the right, the power, the ability and the authority, to command all outer activity of the human mind to be silent and obey My command. I AM awake to this realization in knowing with confidence and deeply held conviction that there is only One Power and Presence everywhere present – in me, through me, for me, by me, and as me.

IV. So, when you pray and worship, and when you invoke your decrees and commands for the Christ Fire Power of Love to come forth to transfigure all things to your benefit, Know this: you must speak and feel and command with the authority of consciously knowing that the I AM Presence, the Supreme Intelligence, Power, and Healing Power is this One God Force of thyself. It is the one and only Force that you must acknowledge and recognize as acting, or that could act; and it is a question of your identification, that is, what you choose to identify with is a great and grand key to attainment, so, Identify with the One Omnipresent Life Force, its Power and Intelligence that is the All. Singularly identifying with the One Life Force adds Power and Conviction, Strength and Deep Realization in your consciousness, blending your personal consciousness with the One Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent Consciousness of the Whole brings to you all Power and Attainment.

V. Identifying with God and Him alone through the very Life Force and Animating Power of thy life while letting go of your separation stories and tales of attempting to find God who is right directly the Energy and Power, the Presence and Intelligence that you are using in every single second of your existence, will make you receptive to grace and the outpouring of His Perfection that is occurring instantly and constantly for each Individualization of Him.

VI. The One Intelligence and Life Force does not cognize time and space; for that is but separation, and separation is the temporal illusion of change. You are to identify yourself with and as this Unchanging Truth of all Being; the One Being that is all beings simultaneously. So, in your commands to this One Force of Life to come forward and transfigure and heal yourself of all density and darkness, you must only give recognition and acknowledgement to this One Intelligence acting everywhere at once and the very same time; Everywhere throughout the universe and in your particular locale. In this way you will accomplish bringing forth the Perfection of God into and through your physical world conditions; and this “precipitation‟ of the Divine Fire or Primordial Fire of Love, Light, and Life needs to have your conviction and confidence which is faith and trust in It to respond to you in all power and presence. This is the only way you can receive; through deeply held acceptance you will experience a new and powerful Force in your life and acting through your world.

VII. Study these Instructions which come directly from the Godhead to humanity for their freedom and awakening. Your application of these divine Instructions honestly, deeply, sincerely, and persistently will bring forth great „fruit‟. Acknowledge the One Presence, Intelligence, and Power only as that which is and could act in your life and world, then claim it as your own in your every thought, feeling, spoken word, and activity throughout your day. In this way, you will have the sort of attainment that you are striving after.

VIII. It is the only way this Omnipotent Perfection of Harmony, Healing, and Pure Happiness can be brought into the outer appearance and the fullness of your use. When and if you erroneously acknowledge and recognize something other than this One Power and Intelligence acting in your world (like your own human) you cancel out the intensity and potency and certainty that would otherwise have taken place when your full acknowledgment is recognizing the One God Force as the only power and Presence that is and could ever act in your world. Contemplate this to your utmost benefit!
IX. Whenever you say „I AM‟, you are announcing creation to take place because you are the Omnipresent immaculate Power and Presence Individualized in your particular point of the universe. All Energy, Intelligence, Power, and Presence that you are using throughout your day to speak, think, feel, and act is this One Life Force and Presence; it is the God Force that you are using, and in the claiming of this omnipotent force and activity, you are consciously setting into motion the omnipresent substance and energy to come forth and fulfill your I AM command.

X. It is to be understood by you that we each have this ability to qualify and condition this Energy of God. He allows it and desires that in our free will choices we qualify His presence with constructive and light filled manifestations. Anything less than that essentially tortures the God Force; when destructive qualities are imposed upon His Presence and Energy.

Esu Kumara Michael


  1. Esu Kumara Michael I have been reading and re-reading all your messages. I Am Truly blessed my your inspiration and your words. I can not stop reading these Absolute Truths. Prior to this I have been wanting Absolute Truths about my life journey here on Mother Earth. Today I have come full circle of who I AM. But, there still is a part of me missing. My Home and Family. There is a thought that keeps me wondering what my True Name is and where my Home is. I have seen my Brothers and Sisters acknowledge me as they check up on me from time to time. I have Earth Family that I love deeply but, there is a deeper tug still for needing to know. I AM so looking forward to knowing and meeting my True Family. And, I AM so looking forward knowing my True Name.

    Words can not describe what you have given. Much Peace,Love and Happiness Always.

  2. Hi Jimmy
    Thank you kindly for your generosity in words. I have found that the higher I can vibrate the more information about me personally becomes at hand - memories about myself prior to this earth journey...and the universal Self becomes readily available at that higher frequency vibration. Truly I've discovered that there is so much available to us when we make the effort to transfigure the density of human limitations by invoking the Cosmic Christ Fire of Love to quicken all density into light, and identifying with the omnipresent Selfhood that we are builds a momentum for me into Truth, Goodness, and Beauty...

    All love and power unto thee Jimmy. And thank you again for your interest in Truth and Love...



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