Monday, August 13, 2012

Unto the Depths of thy Being Ye shall find thy Godhood

The world will always attempt to keep us on the surface of our being wherein we stay bound to the senses and the outermost part of ourselves. Yet, to find true fulfillment and happiness within the unchanging Life force, the part of God that you are, then you or I must go deeper than the surface. The depths of being . . . making contact with the depths, we must dissolve our pre-conceived opinions about life and religion and god and spirit . . . we must go beyond the known and the familiar . . . we must redeem the past negative or destructive tendencies which we had erroneously set into motion . . . and therein, we will find the essence of being . . . the part of the Godhead . . . the part of Us that is God Himself expressing through the human flesh form. In the depths of our mind and heart resides God . . . not the entirety of God Himself who is the whole Omniverse itself, yet that part of God which is our true nature and identity. Unto that part of God shall you devote and dedicate thy attention and energy to find Him, and the surest way to go into the depths and not be stuck in the outer rim of thy being, is to choose to do His will as your own.

The omnipresent God exists everywhere at once and the same time . . . at the very center and source of all life and all creation, and also pervading the creation, and He individualizes Himself as each one of our lifestreams wherein the flame of Himself is the animating power and presence, the force of Life everlasting . . . eternal life that we are destined to find, to discover within ourselves, and to bring this flame of Himself forth into and through us as human flesh forms and persons.

Three primary steps are necessary: believe that He exists everywhere as One power and presence and that you are in truth His identity and nature within that flame of Him existing within you; second, understand the process of redemption of all past error that you only have set into motion; third, understand that to worship Him is to place your attention and the beam of your life force energies upon that flame and ask that It expand Itself throughout thy field of receptivity . . . thy field of personal consciousness . . . so that you quicken your personal selfhood and energies unto the vibratory rate of light and love. As you quicken thy personal selfhood you will be raising your intelligence and consciousness unto the rate of vibration wherein you shall find Him existing . . . His abode exists in the higher vibratory rates of life . . . just where you are in your locale of the universe, yet you must quicken, redeem, and raise thyself into that vibratory sphere right from your bodily flesh level and even while expressing through the flesh form of the human self. All of your lower bodies of mind, emotions, and etheric memories must be vibrating in accordance to your stream of Life that has given you life. Once you do this you will be putting on the seamless garment of eternal Life . . . the body of immortality.

From this physical body and flesh garment 'vantage point or platform' you must find and establish thyself within the vibration of the flame of God that is thy being because if you die physically from here instead of quickening all substance into light, then you will be unable to access immortality and eternal life everlasting.

I have been sent into the world of flesh to partake of thy evolutionary perspectives and to instruct each on the laws of life that lead to everlasting life. You will be unable to go forward in your evolution until you do raise up all thy energies unto Him within thee; for it is a requirement to accomplish this attainment. Each lifestream must by divine law bring a balance to all their energies that they have ever set into motion or creation. If not, then they will remain a third dimensional being for eons of time until they feel the will and desire to go forward with greater accountability and the free will to become at one with the flame or spark of god within them.

I bid each one of you all peace and prosperity, and the pure desire to return homeward unto thy divine essence in eternity.

Esu Kumara Michael

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