Thursday, August 30, 2012

The New Frequency of Sacred Fire Love is now upon the Earth

The all-pervading Mercy Flame of the Eternal Son is the Sacred Fire Love which will wash away thy sins and error, thy mistakes and misqualification of energy. As you learn the art and science of drawing this flame into and through your physical garment and physical life, all that is less than perfect will become erased permanently. The Flame comes through your own oversoul into your very heart area, becoming spread throughout your four lower bodies of expression (physical, mental, etheric, and emotional), raising you beyond the field of unconsciousness, density, destructive tendencies, lower nature sensory impulses, and human enslavement, unto eternal freedom and immortality which establishes you within your true individuality as a son or daughter of Triune God - the Source and Center. This constant outpouring of His Life and Light allows His individualizations to create however they please, and as long as each creates constructively then there is a constant expansion of His Kingdom throughout creation. 

This expansion and maturation into true individuality as a son or daughter of the Triune God is the very next stage for human life to grow into . . . eternal life everlasting. It is a requirement and a must for each and every individualization to have to attain and accomplish at some point within their evolution. There is no evolving and growth without going through these 'initiations' whereby you are transfiguring all density and all misqualified energies that you have ever qualified into destructive energies or negativity back into the glory of His originating Light and Life.

It was for this reason in my ministry 2,000 years ago that I attempted to show the population the way to heal and have permanent freedom and mastery in their life. I showed them that the human being can overcome even death because death is a misuse of the Universal Law of Life and is a mistake, even thought it has become the primary belief system of the human population, it is a lie and an error; a misuse of the energies of the Source to allow yourself to degenerate and decay into death physically; and it begins with a small belief and feeling that you should expect to go through the death of the physical body which is a complete error.

Life and the attainment eternal everlasting life and immortality is the Supreme Goal of human life, and it is the only way to evolve and to grow; and this Life Everlasting initiation must be accomplished by you while you are still holding a physical body. The unfoldment of this initiation is what was given to me back then to demonstrate to humanity. I came to show the way of progressive attainment and evolution which all could and would accomplish at some certain point in their journey. The fallacy of my coming into this octave to die on the cross and shed my blood so that the human species could become free from sin is a lie perpetuated by those members of the civilization that desired to control and mislead the population. Never is it necessary to do that and it was based upon old pagan rituals that a sacrifice must take place. The only sacrifice that needs to happen for you is your sacrificing your own pre-conceived opinions of truth that have nothing whatsoever to do with...Truth and the real and true way to life everlasting.

I bid you peace and all happiness as you create a space to receive a greater portion of your own inheritance in all love and mercy; for godhood is your destiny!

Michael of Nebadon

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