Friday, August 3, 2012

Salvation, Redemption, and Atonement

There is an overriding purpose and plan behind every single life within the human civilization and race. It is the plan of salvation. Each person must eventually embrace the law of redemption in order to bring balance to all lifetimes wherein they have misused their own life force energies in creating destructive or negative qualities that must at some certain point in time be brought back into the pristine glory and purity of their Life force energies given to them by the Paradise Trinity to create and experience their life in every way. The Force of Life is the Animating Presence and Intelligence that animates and motivates every single person in every way, in every moment of their existence.

So, this plan of salvation brings a final balancing to all lifetimes of misqualified energies which had been set into motion by the lifestream soul, the law of redemption is the way to have this completion occur for those who are ready to go on unto greater octaves of life, and the graduation or completion is the atonement which is the glorious raising into pure Life and light the person's four lower bodies - physical, mental, emotional, and etheric - all must be brought into the vibratory radiance of the Supreme Spiritual Force that is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. So, in this way the flesh garment becomes a garment of eternal light with galactic capabilities to travel and express on a much wider spectrum of experience and intelligence. It is not that you will become these things in their fullness or completeness because it is a never-ending progression and expansion . . . an unleashing of your potential as a part of His existence. Yet, each human being must become established as a unique individualization of the Supreme Spirit/cosmic Christ/Cosmic Buddha - call it whatever you feel comfortable with - within this system and galaxy in order to go forward in their soul journey. you retain personality and this personality is glorified ever greater with just this very first step beyond the nursery school levels of this earth realm. It is a necessity and a must that will be accomplished by each lifestream soul which includes the personality of the human being.

I do wish you all joy and happiness and pray that you can trust me enough to hear and seek to understand what must be accomplished by you in order to fulfill your evolution within the earth schoolroom.

Call upon the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter to define for yourself truth in every way so that you can be guided unto the perfect next steps for your growth and expansion in the light of God; for He has been traveling with you for eons, since the birth of your individual lifestream, and He desires for this threefold initiation to take place in order to journey into greater and greater octaves of life.

Esu Kumara Michael

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