Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Mission: Once Again, I have Come to Demonstrate the Way unto Life Everlasting

I bring thee the gospel of the resurrection of the dead and of eternal life through Christ. The dead are those who remain within the mortal frame; I come forth to teach once again these mortals how to raise themselves beyond the mortality by becoming at one with the will of God within them, union with the spark of God brings one to a place of greater purification, redeeming the past error and quickening all substance into the immortal light. This is the royal road of changing the human flesh form into a higher form with eternal capabilities. I come to show men the way to make use of the omnipotence of God within each in order to erase the past error and sin and become eternally whole, and to complete the journey within the earth by taking those receptive to this gospel into the light of everlasting life.

Begin by giving your life into the deific will by tuning each day to this presence and power within. In this way, human life is meant to be given to tune with deific will in order to become immortal and to become resurrected from the dead...the walking dead who continue to cycle time and time again from one lifetime to the next with little understanding of the true meaning and purpose of life in the flesh.

In the right understanding and use of the threefold endowment given to mankind by God for mankind's redemption and resurrection; his graduating ceremony which must be demonstrated by man upon this graduation from the rounds of the flesh. In this way mankind learns the art of receiving and the law of transmuting from mortal to immortal form. The spark of God must become a fuller flame of life, the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter can be called upon to guide you unto greater and greater Truth, and the Infinite Spirit...Holy Spirit...can be called into action to change your darkness and density into light and love. This is the way I have spoken of in olden times and so, I present these very same laws to you during this time and place.

By placing attention upon the unchanging Truth which changes not, you raise yourself by tuning to deific will and quickening all substance unto the immortal frequencies of life. His will which resides within thee as His Spark, traveling with you throughout all and every lifetime until you come to a point of development and evolution whereby you desire inordinately to become tuned to His will and His way which leads the aspirant unto eternal life everlasting. His animating power and presence exists right within thee behind the breath and it is this animating impulse which you can become at one with in each and every moment. begin by being aware of thy breath in each moment and then turn thy attention ever further inward unto the Spark and flame of the Father. Therein is the animating power which you may tune to. When tuning to this presence and power you change your vibration - the electrons become unhindered and are able to expand their kingdom of love and light. Your personal frequencies of all your atomic structure unto the everlasting light of God Himself; for ye are an individualization of Him within time and space creation.

You establish thyself within the higher octaves of life when this round of earth life in the flesh is complete. By applying the law of life to your sin and error which has accumulated over time within you, covering over the purity of your being, you learn to fine art of redemption and resurrection. You turn your attention from being pulled outward into falsehood and the senses, and you build a new momentum into light and greater love; for each is the omnipresent force of the One God who has individualized Himself in you and as you. Become more perfectly tuned to His will and presence and He will carry you ever upward unto the octaves of immortality.

I say unto thee that I am in the midst of my own resurrection and ascension by currently transfiguring all density unto the light everlasting. That will allow for this flesh garment that I've taken upon myself to become quickened unto pure Life.

I AM the Ocean of Consciousness. All is within Me. I bring forth My Primordial Fire to quicken all substance unto thee, Everlasting Source and Creative Center. I command all atomic substance quickened unto the great Light I AM. Omnipresent Sacred Fire of Love, saturate the Kingdoms of the Earth. Let all become raised unto thy glory and perfection.

Esu Kumara Michael 

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