Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Invoking Freedom for thyself

"I AM Violet Flame, Mercy Flame,
Sacred Fire Love"

As you focus all your attention and devotion . . . the beam of your Life Force Energies . . . with intensified feeling and thought into this invocation, you are commanding the gracious and merciful Fire of transformation to come into your field of receptivity (your field of consciousness) and quicken into full consciousness and freedom whatever mistakes or misqualified energies that have accumulated within you. You are erasing the areas of your soul personality wherein you have accumulated a destructive momentum of a sort. For example, lets's say you have a negative reaction to someone or something - so instead of placing the blame 'out there' you invoke God's Law to come and erase YOUR destructive energies which got triggered and arose from your life circumstances. You QUICKEN your personal energies back into pure light and life.

For those with the openness of mind to learn more, email me and I will send you the Embracing Eternity Exercises booklet to give you greater insight and understanding to this process of fulfilling God's Law in your life.

Esu Kumara Michael

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