Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wayshower as the Holy Comforter

Embrace true religion as a force for goodness, truth, and beauty. The man-made religious interpretations are not religion but mankind's collective opinions and erroneous beliefs about God and Truth, Love and Freedom. These are imposed upon human beings and should not be recognized as true religion. So do not give up religion, but let go of man-made religious beliefs and all that the churches put forth. Religion is a directly personal revelation of truth and love, God and freedom, and so many more things that each person can only experience in the privacy of their own heart. Once it becomes overly organized it turns into a beast of sorts. It is a supremely individual revealing. My work with aspirants is to help them understand the great laws of life and assist each to apply these very laws to their life circumstances, so that each person comes to a place within themselves of becoming their own authority in the right use of these great laws to free themselves permanently from all destructive impulses and lifetimes of karmic indebtedness which must be balanced over time in order to evolve within the progressions of the universe that have been designed by the Lord God to foster intellectual emancipation and spiritual regeneration and renewal.

Religion is designed to find those values in the universe which call forth faith, trust, and assurance; religion culminates in worship. Religion discovers for the soul those supreme values which are in contrast with the relative values discovered by the mind. Such superhuman insight can be had only through genuine religious experience.

Esu Kumara Michael

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