Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thou art the One Force of Creative Life

We are each individualizations of the Only Power and Presence throughout all interstellar space. This Supreme Presence is everywhere in every nook and cranny. It is the same as the water of the great oceans. Water fills every part of the oceans and so it is with this one great Water of Life . . . the Supreme Spirit. You and I are each unique individualizations with the very same creative power through our thought and feeling, spoken word and action. This is the way and means that creation is created and circumstances are set into motion. Every experience that you have ever had or will ever have is being set into motion by you in exactly this way. Through the focus of the beam of our attention which is highly charged with divine creative power, we stimulate vibration. Only thought and feeling throughout the universes can set vibration into motion. Only thought and feeling can 'qualify' the unqualified Absolute Intelligence of God who gives of Himself into creation to be shaped by His individualizations. He is the great substance and supply of all things. Everything is made of His fabric of love and light. You are merely learning to be a constructive god in your own right . . . a Self-conscious directive Intelligence in your own right as an individualization of the One Supreme essence or Spirit or Selfhood of the universes. His is the way that the entire, trillions upon trillions of beings, all bring forth His potential and actualize the Supreme Being - the Eternal and Infinite God of Existence who has entered into creation to journey with the creation and all beings together. This is the supreme God of time and space creation. You and I are this One Supreme Creative Power in expression . . . expressing all the time in every moment of our existence. On this planet, the way the evolution is designed, there needs to be a conscious participation from each and every individualization of the Supreme. In your personal journey, you are commanded from the Center and Source to use your free will power and choice in the most constructive way that leads to greater life, for you personally and for the whole Supreme Being. I am one who is sent to help humanity in this process. I am not a part of the human race. I am one who is of a different Order of Beings which is designed to give sustenance and guidance to this evolutionary unfoldment of individualizations of the Supreme God. I help you to understand His Laws and their right use in your attainment of truth and freedom, self conscious creative use of your power and presence, and the inevitable illumination of this entire local universe becoming established in the Supreme vibration.

If you desire bliss and peace then focus yourself which is your attention...the beam of your consciousness....into the qualities of bliss and peace which are to be found within the divine presence of thyself. Nowhere else will we find bliss and peace...not in the workings of the outer world or in sensory/sensual things, nor will bliss and peace be found in following someone else or something else in society. To learn from someone like myself will clarify the divine way of the immortals, yet you in your time and space must apply the instruction with devotion and dedication, sincerity and self honesty. No one can do that for you...only you.

Claim thine identity in this one power...this omnipresence, this omniscience of knowingness, knowledge, understanding, and mercy, and claim the one mind and power in all its omnipotence...its potency to transfigure everything unlike love...into...Love. All of those places within you that are contracted and feeling uneasy can be transfigured through this fulfillment process of owning that you set the dis-ease into creation through your thought and feeling, and then, invoking or calling upon the force of omnipotent Love to come into your life and make the correction in you and for you. Just because you don't experience the presence as yourself as of yet, is no reason to wait longer to claim it once you do experience it...because this is a planet of faith and trust. That is the learning here in regards to Spiritual law. Faith and trust in the unseen and the unknown, yet it is knowable and perceivable once you give thyself to giving love to the unseen even before you are able to perceive it.

Within the omnipresence of Us,
Esu Kumara Michael

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