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Sovrnty guides disciples unto Sovereignty

SOVRNTY is a 501(c) 3 a Non-Profit Religious Corporation in the State of Oregon that serves as a Temple and Retreat of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter. It provides instruction on the Great Laws of Life, their application to your personal circumstances, and the threefold endowment given to humanity for their eternal freedom.

What is Sovereignty (Sovrnty)?

1. The quality or state of being spiritually sovereign by establishing your life in Harmony, Healing, and Pure Happiness. There is a blissful fulfillment in this alignment with the one Life Force; entering into a personal spiritual realization and relationship with the Omnipresent Life which is individualized and enfolds you, as you; the beginnings of personal sovereignty with, in, and of the Primordial Center and Source of all Life which holds the Pattern of Paradise which gave you life and existence; receiving of the threefold endowment, applying it with determination and willingness; recognition of the force of Life which animates us, reaching for the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter presence which open an avenue for personal fellowship with the Universe Sovereign Son; living the human life spiritually/religiously and by faith and trust in the everywhere presence of God – the unchanging Truth, wisdom, and power of Life.

2. The status, dominion, power, authority, and divine right awakened in you to command the Primordial Spirit or Infinitely Intelligent Life Force to bring you to a state of Harmony, Healing, and Pure Happiness. Making conscious use of the Fire Power of Love to change all unwanted destructive conditions in life to their fulfillment; sovereignty occurs through our awakened sunship with the Triune Source – the Person of the Everlasting Father, the Person of the Eternal Son, the Person of the Infinite Spirit and their extensions within the Divine Circuits of the Trinity which reach right into the human heart and mind; consciously walking the royal road as a son or daughter of the Source; possession of natural rights and accountability as a co-creative agent holding full accountability for all that you have and will set into motion with the innocent Life Force of the Source; consciousness of yourself in and as this One Enfolding Life Presence through the techniques of intelligent prayer, invocations and decrees, sincere worship in the right use of your attention and focus, your thought and feeling powers, and direct fellowship and profound relationship with the Universe Sovereign Son Michael; unbroken dedication, consecration, and communion with God.

3. Supreme and independent power and authority found profoundly within your own Individualization of the Supreme Essence of the Universes; your true identity and nature in God Himself whereby you have entered into the infinite unfoldment that is a never-ending progression unto greater Truth, wisdom, and Power through the conscious use of the fire Power of Love and Mercy which brings forgiveness to all error; giving attention and loving focus unto the Primordial Center and Source and His fragmentary Essence within you; sacrifice and surrender of all untruth, all that is deemed unreal and transitory unto the Force of Life that dwells enfolding your heart and mind and soul; the act of becoming humanly and spiritually sovereign through the understanding and divine application of the Creative Word I AM; becoming one with the essence of all Life enfolding you; the courage to surrender and be of service in just this way of expanding unto the Divine Will and Intent of your own Enfolding Essence which is the gift of the Paradise Father Source and Center to every human being; acceptance of initiation to eternally do the Will of the Father Source and through the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter Intelligence to enter into personal spiritual relationship and fellowship with the personal spiritual essence and intelligence of the Sovereign Universe Son, thus, leading into eternal salvation and personal soul redemption of all error leading to everlasting union with the particle of Paradise which enfolds you and desires to blend and merge eternally with you. In this initiation, you as a human being become spiritualized and the Father Fragment becomes personalized as you - One very unique being with eternal capability and promise; the opening to a living faith and trust that quickens you into the initiation into immortality ~ the transfiguration, resurrection, and ascension into the seamless garment of eternal Light.

4. Guided by the leading and intent of the indwelling and enfolding Spiritual Presence, plus the guidance of the Spirit of Truth, and the sponsorship and support and healing of the Infinite Mother Spirit which is also called the Holy Spirit; awakened to the plan of progressive evolution through the revelation of direct Spiritual insight and divine perception of your unique nature, identity, and life purpose; the culmination and graduation of the human evolution into becoming an immortal individualized portion of the Supreme Being, at one with the Universal Essence and the Source; the beginnings of the eternal progression out from the womb of the Mother Earth and birthed into the Cosmos.

5. A return to your rightful status as a Sun of the Primordial Source and Center; freedom from the rough waves of the world so that you are in the world, but not caught up in the world and its outer circumstances and events; independence at one with the Spiritual Presence of thyself through the acts of Sacrifice, Surrender, Selflessness, and Service; a sovereign state of consciousness of thyself as a unique individualization of the Supreme essence of Life; realization of the Source and Center or Fatherhood Motherhood of God and the Brotherhood/Sisterhood of humanity; heightened and growing character, morals, ethics, and integrity expressed and still evolving; spiritual integration by taking upon thyself the seamless garment of eternal Life woven out from the imperfections of the garment of flesh and mortality; you have chosen to walk the royal road of Spirit whereby instead of degenerating into disease and death you unfold and quicken, raising thyself through the fivefold approach to fulfill the Plan of Life into the regeneration and redemption of your personal energetic accumulations and momentums unto immortality at the end of this lifetime of learning or within the very next lifetime.

6. Divine insight and spiritual perception as an outgrowth of true and living faith; faith-trust relationship, realization, and revelation of God by the God-seeking and God Knowing individual; personal spiritual relations with the Universal One Source which opens the way to experience genuine personal realization and divine Happiness, a harmony and pure happiness that is due to your alignment with life and the fulfillment of the Promise made eons ago by all who borrowed the pure energies of the Life force to create experiences with and intending to one day return those energies back into their pristine and pure state in the lifetime initiation of the regeneration; a living faith that securely holds one to knowing the certainty of God’s watchcare and guidance.

7. A living faith that is personal, original, spontaneous; extraordinary faith and direct experience of the divine presence in your life, awakening greater spirit attainment, moral, ethical devotion and integrity; intellectual emancipation and spiritual regeneration which is catapults you to seek first and foremost the kingdom of the heavens, the Kingdom of Consciousness that is, and direct personal fellowship within this Universal Kingdom of Righteousness with the Creator Son, the Sovereign Universe Son Michael through the guidance of the Spirit of Truth who is the real and true teacher; sublime religious experience anchored and grounded, practical and ever expanding and deepening to bring forth within you pure happiness and personal fulfillment with a profound endowment of spiritual reality; consecration and dedication in the doing of the Will of Eternity; the offering of the one human gift to God our Father Mother – the expansion of our free will into God’s Will and Divine Intent.

Thus, these are some of the precepts and the divine philosophy and benefits of receiving our instruction and guidance at the Temple of Sovrnty. Sovereignty or Sovrnty is each person’s destiny and inheritance as a sun of the Source and Center of all Life.

Esu Kumara is one of a series of Avatars, who revive righteousness, teaching of the Universal Laws of the threefold flame of love, wisdom, and power, becoming at one with Omnipresent Love and Intelligence. By learning to master and direct this great evolutionary Force, the Primordial Creative Power, we are able to take dominion over our life by placing it into full cooperation with the Universal Father Mother of us all.

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SOVRNTY is a 501(c) 3 a Non-Profit Religious Corporation in the State of Oregon that serves as a Temple of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter which illuminates the highways of approach unto the Omnipresence of Truth, the Omnipotence of Wisdom Intelligence, and the Omnipotence of Power.

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