Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Worldly Slavery unto Immortal Sovereignty

The Immortals hold the inner eternal understanding of the Great Creative Word '"I AM". You and I are individualizations of the One God expressing within time and space creation. The Eternal Infinite Source and Center of the Paradise Trinity is the Creator Source of all, yet we are each made of this One God Substance and Fabric . . . the Universal Electronic Substance of Light and Love.

Once we understand this fact of our existence, then we must begin to make conscious use of the creative power that we have at our disposal. Through thought and feeling and spoken word, we set into motion vibration which becomes manifest reality for us . . . it shapes itself through these creative instruments into our destiny.

Misunderstanding this fact of existence leads only to one thing . . . slavery; yet gaining the eternal inner understanding brings us to a point in our evolution that allows for Sovereignty, at one with the spark of God within us that we have fanned into a living Flame of love, wisdom, and power.

The frequency of the Living Light that is omnipresent and must become directed by Immortals in the higher octaves has now begun to take its dominion over the earth.     

In this way of transfiguring all into Light, the eternal Light and Love of the Source and Center compels all into Perfect Divine Order throughout the Living Cosmos of the universes. You must come into this perfected Divine Order by your free will choice. It doesn't occur automatically for you. You must consciously choose to seek understanding and compliance with this one great Law or you will find yourself departing this planet as the planet comes under its own illumination. We must align with this individually or go elsewhere. This is now the mandate from above given to humanity. All rebellion and avoidance of this greater Light and Life will become washed away or dissolved by the incoming Light that is flooding our planet right now.

Come and learn of the way of the Immortal Ones and become immortal thyself through your application of the great creative law of life applied to your personal circumstances.Understanding the divine Instruction of the immortal ascended Ones brings one to a point of eternal life everlasting. They are the way and means by which the infinite God Self expands Its Perfection through the finite activity of personalities.

Call upon your own Cosmic Selfhood - the great I AM individualized as you dwelling in the higher octaves of pure Light and Life. Keep your feelings harmonized, and give your love and attention with deep feeling and contemplation to that higher aspect of thyself. In this way you will be building a living bridge between thyself in the higher octaves and the physical counterpart of that here in this octave of Life.

You can practice invoking this Individualized Universal Presence into and throughout your life by decreeing with deep feeling and focusing your thought upon this higher aspect which is an individualization of the all-pervading: 

"I AM Blazing White Fire, Pure Cosmic Christ Love."
"Immortal Self I AM, come forth and take thy dominion over my life and world."

This decree is the application of the great creative law of the 'I AM' because you as an individualization of the One God Self have the natural creative responsibility to qualify the energies of your one Life in your expression here as a human being. And, when you master this creative responsibility, you will be fulfilling the law by making thyself worthy in the initiation of embracing eternity, thus, making you an immortal.

I bid you each well in your journey unto eternal light and love.

Esu Kumara Michael

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