Thursday, July 26, 2012

Love is the Way

I live to expand the great Love Flame which is omnipresent, existing everywhere as this One God Force. I live to use its powers and majesty in order to expand the Kingdom of this Love principle, placing it into worldly conditions to end the suffering and distress created by individuals who are working in opposition to this Cosmic Force of Love. I live to glorify Life everywhere by dissolving the destructive rates of vibration and raising up all Life everywhere into the One Light and Love of the almighty God. This One Life Principle everywhere existing is pressing upon life to allow it to come into life's circumstances and dissolve the obstructions to its expansion.

People crave love for a lifetime, yet they don't seem to understand where it is and how to access it. I say, start in small ways to love another...not necessarily the human discordant personality with all of its destructive habits and rebellion, but LOVE the One Life Force that is buried underneath those human habits and conditions. Love that Life force enough and ask for the Universal Omnipotent power of Love existing everywhere to come into that destructive condition and render it impotent and wash it away, and replace it with the Love of the Cosmic Christ...the Universal Love that so desires to establish it's Perfection, its harmony, its mercy, its freedom. It needs human beings to come forth out from the fold of unconsciousness and resistance and rebellion to step forth and command this love to come and replace all things with It.

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