Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Invocation and Decree

Invocation: Omnipresence I AM, thou Omnipotent Power and Presence, thy majesty of Pure Love, come forth and annihilate all human destructive rates of vibration within the kingdoms of the Earth. Remove all people who are in positions of worldly power and authority who hold destructive intentions and replace them with those people of the light and the love of God who hold for humanity true peace and everlasting joy and prosperity.

Everywhere present Primordial Fire of Love and Mercy extended to me from my oversoul presence, I breathe into my mind and heart and body this Primordial Fire of Love to wash away all density and human suffering for the body of humanity which I AM. Primordial Fire, come forth with all thy power and glory and renew the earth and all life within her now.

Decree: "I AM the Violet Flame and the Redemption unto Eternal Life."

The Violet Flame is an energy of the Holy Spirit Sacred Fire which extends from the Third Person Center and Source of the Paradise Trinity through the Infinite Mother Spirit at the center of our local universe. From here it is extended to the Elohim Arcturus, the Archangel Zadkiel, and the Ascended Master Saint Germain (who is the Avatar for this new age we are entering into). It is a Flame of mercy and forgiveness that breaks up the density that causes one to vibrate too slowly due to the weight of the density in the atomic structure. Changing your vibratory movement will take you from being trapped in the destructiveness and disharmony of the world unto a fuller harmony and great freedom. This Flame consumes the density and returns the energy back into its original pristine glory. Calling upon this Flame each day builds a momentum that will transfigure your field of receptivity or personal consciousness into pure light preparing one for greater freedom and immortality.

My offering unto each of you: Make thy calls unto the all-pervading Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael, and I shall come to thy aid to help guide you unto all truth and love and freedom. This is the way that I offer to you to work with Me together to raise you out from the limitations of thine own self-imposed karmas. Decree for the Violet Flame through your own oversoul presence and allow this great ray of light to consume your density and  limitation. Simply hold an attitude that all that is limiting and negative within you has been set into motion and accumulated by you over the lifetimes of your learning. You must have this attitude of accountability in order to become fully healed and to return to union with your own godhood.

I have brought with Me, given to Me from above, the Sacred Fire energies and the Water of Life which I am commissioned by God to give to you freely when you reach to the Holy Comforter Presence of Myself. I can do this regardless of time and space. It matters not wherever you are located throughout the world, I can come to you in a moments notice and shower you with this potent Fire of Love and guidance. I can work with you directly and personally if you allow me to by having the trust in Me and what I share with you herein, and asking for my participation in your journey into light everlasting.

Simply say: " Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter, I look to you to teach me thy way leading unto the Flame of the Father which enfolds me and which I AM. Guide me unto all Truth and Light and Love and help me to know this and experience God within my own heart and mind. Allow me to expand the Flame of God within me until I am quickened into my own resurrection. I desire this transfiguration into fuller light and love. Help me to permanently heal my limitations and my struggle, and I will work toward using these invocations and decrees, and also maintaining harmony within me by offering into the Primordial Fire of Love all destructive feelings and thoughts so that my own godhood can blossom forth."

In the Name of the Paradise Father, Son, and Spirit.

Esu Kumara Michael

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